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Hiring Business Relocation Companies: What to Look For


If you're relocating your business, you probably have a ton of concerns. Will your business grow as you expect in the new region? Or is expansion the right decision right now, in this slow-growth economy?

The actual corporate move -- and relocation of your top talent -- shouldn't be another cause for concern. Hiring the right business relocation company can take a lot of stress off the minds of your HR staff. And relocation specialists who are poised to deliver first-class customer service to relocating executives will help make the moving process low stress for everyone involved.

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These are just a few questions to ask when you begin researching business relocation companies:

- How many years of experience does the business relocation company have?
- Does the company offer the services you require, including financial management of relocation packages, relocation tax assistance, and management of the entire relocation process?
- Do they have non-exclusive supply chain partners in your area to offer you the best in relocation service providers?
- Do they have the technology to support your employee moves or a group move?
- Do they have the processes in place to create a low-stress move?
- Will your business relocation company assess the relocation process after each move, refining techniques for greater satisfaction and an even more low-stress move next time?

Finally, ask yourself if the business relocation company you're considering understands your corporate culture and will work well with your employees and HR staff. Even if a business relocation company provides everything else you need, if you can't work easily with them, they're not the best choice for you.

National Relocation Management Services Should Make Your Move Low-Stress


What exactly can a national relocation management company do for you? At CapRelo, we don't want to take over your company and introduce a new corporate culture, or force your relocating employees to fit into a mold that may not fit them. 

Instead, we want to understand your company culture, take time to discover the needs of your relocating employees, and smooth the transition for them to a new state, a new region, and, most importantly, a new work and home environment. 

If desired, we can work closely with your HR staff to help design new relocation policies based on our culture of customer service. If you have benchmarks or policies in place, we'll work to measure and refine those policies so they are more effective. 

If you are working from “square one,” we can help there, too—establishing national relocation management policies that will save you time and money while improving employee retention and satisfaction. Of course, we can also do it all in regard to national relocation management, and your HR staff won't have to worry about a thing. 

CapRelo can be the primary connection between the transferring employee and you—our client. It's part of our culture of service to find a way to meet the needs of your employees while also looking out for your relocation budget. 

You can view the progress, budget, expenses and policies that are all part your corporate relocation at any time through our CapViews software. But you can also trust that your national relocation management is in good hands with us. That's what the right relocation management company can do for you and your relocating employees.  

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