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April Relocation Survey

Posted by Amy Mergler on Thu, Apr 20, 2017

Thinking about changing your relocation program or just curious about what other organizations are doing? Each month, we'll feature a short survey and share our findings along with the next survey the following month. Below are the results for last month's survey and this month's survey questions.

March Survey Results

1. Does your company have a program in place to track business travelers for immigration and tax compliance?

Yes: 50%
No: 50%

2. From which sources do you collect data to track your company's business travelers? (Choose all that apply)

Travel providers: 34%
Expense reports: 67%
Manual tracking spreadsheets: 0%
Direct booking information: 0%
Hotel corporate accounts: 0%
Rental car information: 0%
Unsure: 0%
N/A: 0%
Other: 0% 

3. What challenges do you face regarding business travel management? (Choose all that apply)

Identifying high-risk travelers: 0%
Engaging in duplicate processes: 0%
Consolidating data: 75%
Persuading employees to actively participate in the tracking process: 25%
Unsure: 0%
N/A: 0%
Other (please specify): 50%

  • Consistent corporate ownership of the task
  • Convincing the organization that this is important
  • Track and create a policy


This month's survey addresses Rotational Assignments.  

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Topics: global mobility, rotational assignments

A Look at the Biggest and Best Companies in the U.S.

Posted by Amy Mergler on Fri, Apr 07, 2017

In business, it’s important to keep up-to-date on the country’s economic landscape. An improving economy and the addition of new jobs have prompted us to investigate some of the top employers across the country.

Our investigation examined  employers in two categories: Largest Employers (based on the number of employees) and Best Places to Work (based on Glassdoor rankings and reviews). It was interesting to see which companies made the lists.

Largest Employers

First, we looked at the largest employers in each state and found that they were most often university systems or “big box” retailers. So, instead, we took a different approach and looked for the largest company headquartered in each state based on the total number of employees worldwide.

Largest Company by State

Using this approach, we could see where some of the largest brands, not only in the United States but around the globe, chose to locate their base of operations. Some of the most well-known brands immediately stood out, such as UPS, AT&T and Starbucks. But it was a surprise to see a large state like Florida have a lesser-known company like Jabil Circuit as a top employer (the company has more than 175,000 employees worldwide). It was also interesting to see who lead in smaller states, like Hawaiian Airlines in Hawaii (6,100+ employees).

Best Places to Work

Next, we explored the best-rated employers across the country. To map this out, we researched information on Glassdoor to find the 50 Best Places to work in North America. Forty-nine of the top companies are located in the United States, while one, Lululemon, is headquartered in Canada.

Top 50 Best Places to Work

California led the way, with 17 California-based companies making the top 50. Many are tech companies and household names like Apple, Facebook, Google and Aibnb. With Silicon Valley and the Bay Area attracting top talent, it’s no surprise to see so many tech companies based in the state.

In addition to technology companies, a number of restaurant and grocery store chains made the national list. Trader Joe’s (CA), Wegmans (NY), H-E-B (TX) and Costco (WA) all appeared on the list of great places to work. Two quick-serve restaurants joined the top 50 list – In-N-Out Burger (CA) and Raising Cane’s (LA). We found it particularly interesting to find these six companies reviewed as some of the top workplaces because quick-serve and retail work is not often seen as glamorous.

Overall, we found only one company on both lists – FedEx, based in Tennessee.

It’s sometimes good to look at the big picture when you’re examining the biggest and best companies in North America. In this case, it was eye-opening to see how states compare when it comes to employers. Every state is unique, and the companies on these lists add to their individuality.

Talent Management: Engagement Article


Topics: talent retention, employee engagement, talent management

Stop by to See Us at the SHRM Talent Management Conference 2017

Posted by Amy Mergler on Wed, Apr 05, 2017

SHRM Talent Management 2017.png



When: April 24th - 26th

Where: Hyatt Regency, Chicago, IL

Attendees: Christopher Bloedel, Dan Keating, Pete Larkin

The SHRM Talent Management Conference & Exposition is specifically designed for talent management and recruitment professionals. This year's conference will feature concurrent educational sessions, exciting keynote presentations, engaging 18-minute content sessions and networking opportunities.

Come by and see us in the Exposition Hall in Booth #345 to learn more about how CapRelo:

  • Keeps employees, business and life in motion
  • Achieves your strategic goals and delivers solutions that are unique to your business and global mobility needs
  • Treats you and your employees with care and respect

We would love to talk to you about getting your key talent in the right place at the right time. Stop by our booth and enter to win an Amazon Echo! Click here to enter now.


Meet with Us at SHRM Talent Management!


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CapRelo Top-Ranked in HRO Today's Baker's Dozen

Posted by Amy Mergler on Fri, Mar 31, 2017

2017 Bakers Dozen Winner.jpg

CapRelo is pleased to announce that it has been ranked third overall in HRO Today Magazine’s 2017 Baker’s Dozen Customer Satisfaction Ratings for Employee Relocation Service Companies.

The Baker’s Dozen is an annual survey that rates 200+ employee relocation management companies around the globe on three main attributes: quality of service, size of deal and breadth of service. The rankings are created using anonymous feedback from clients of outsourced relocation management services, namely human resource and procurement professionals.

“We are elated to rank in the Baker’s Dozen survey, especially given this is the first time we’ve chosen to participate,” noted Barry Morris, President & CEO, CapRelo. “This recognition confirms our reputation for delivering outstanding customer care and a full-service experience to our clients. Our team comes to work every day, ready to keep life in motion for our clients and their employees, so this acknowledgment is gratifying.”

“We were delighted to have CapRelo participate in this year’s Relocation Baker’s Dozen survey. As a prominent global mobility company, ranking third on their first introduction confirms their commitment to outstanding service delivery,” said Elliot Clark, CEO, HRO Today. “Relocation and mobility is a key strategic initiative for so many enterprises, and CapRelo’s appearance on our survey shows their dedication to being true partners with their clients.”


Topics: HRO Today, Baker's Dozen

Upcoming Relocation Shows and Events - April

Posted by Amy Mergler on Thu, Mar 23, 2017


We will be attending and/or sponsoring the following upcoming events because it’s a great opportunity for us to meet new people, stay abreast of latest relocation trends and meet with trusted partners. If you’re attending, look for us and say hi. 


Corporate Relocation Council of Chicago Midwest Relocation Conference

April 4th & 5th

Location: Drake Hotel, Chicago, IL

Attendee: Christopher Bloedel

For more information about CRC and the Midwest Relocation Conference, click here.


2017 Government Employee Relocation Forum

April 5th

Location: GSA Headquarters Conference Center, Washington, DC

Attendee: Jean Marotta

The GSA ERRC is a government-wide center for employee relocation products and services that offers Federal agencies assistance in addressing their transportation and relocation needs. 

Find out more about the GSA ERRC here.


Tennessee Relocation Council 2017 Spring Meeting

April 6th

Location: The Bell Tower, Nashville, TN

Attendee: Tracey Scott

The TRC Spring Meeting will include break-out sessions and an interactive session on "Thinking Outside the Box."

Click here for more information and to register for the event.


Southern California Relocation Council Lunch & Learn

April 12th

Location: Wilshire Loft, Downtown Los Angeles, CA

Attendee: Patrick Cacho

The spotlight of the SCRC spring luncheon is immigration and will include an educational discussion on the changing landscape of U.S. immigration policies from a global mobility perspective.

Find more information and register here.


New York Council of Relocation Professionals Spring Event

April 17th

Location: Q&A Residential Hotel, New York, NY

Attendee: Pete Larkin

The NYCORP spring event will focus on The New Reality for a Globally Mobile Workforce, which will be discussed in a collaborative session addressing key shifts that will impact global mobility and an increasingly mobile workforce. 

To register and for more information, click here.


Rocky Mountain Relocation Council Spring Conference

April 18th

Location: History Colorado Center, Denver, CO

Attendees: Patrick Cacho, Cindy Klammer and Mickey Williams

The RMRC Spring Conference is the second in a three-part Global Mobility series, focusing on International Relocations. Keynote speaker, Charles Ameno from Chevron Corporation will discuss "Managing Today's Expatriates," and a panel of industry experts will discuss and answer questions on "Immigration: Current Status, What's Next and Can We Prepare?"

Look for CapRelo's table at the RMRC Spring Conference, and register to win an Amazon Echo Dot! 

Find out more about the conference and register here.


Metro Atlanta Relocation Council Spring MEETING

April 20th

Location: TBD

Attendee: Tracey Scott

Look for forthcoming details here.


SHRM Talent Management Conference & Exposition

April 24th - 26th

Location: Hyatt Regency, Chicago, IL

Attendee: Christopher Bloedel

The SHRM Talent Management Conference & Exposition is specifically designed for talent management and recruitment professionals.  It will feature keynote addresses by Molly Fletcher from The Molly Fletcher Company, David Novak from Yum! Brands and Frans Johansson from The Medici Group; educational sessions; highly engaging 18-minute content sessions on the Smart Stage; and networking opportunities.

Visit CapRelo in Booth #345, and register to win an Amazon Echo!

Click here to learn more about the conference and to register.


Minnesota Employee Relocation Council 2017 CONFERENCE

April 28th

Location: The Depot, Minneapolis, MN

Attendee: Christopher Bloedel 

Find out more about MERC here.


If you can’t attend, please be sure to follow CapRelo on Facebook and Twitter for updates.

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March Relocation Survey

Posted by Amy Mergler on Fri, Mar 17, 2017

Thinking about changing your relocation program or just curious about what other organizations are doing? Each month, we'll feature a short survey and share our findings along with the next survey the following month. Below are the results for last month's survey and this month's survey questions.

February Survey Results

1. What are your biggest employee relocation costs? (Choose all that apply)

Real Estate: 60%
Household Goods: 100%
Tax Gross-Up: 20%
Family Expenses: 20%
Temporary Living: 40%
Miscellaneous Expenses: 0%

2. Which employee relocation budget challenges does your company face? (Choose all that apply)

Uncertainty of the number of employees needing relocation services: 60%
Predicting the number and type of exceptions to your relocation policy: 40%
Inflationary factors that may increase costs: 0%
Policies with home selling assistance involve timing uncertainties and potential shortfalls in selling prices: 20% 

3. What measures has your company undertaken to control employee relocation costs? (Choose all that apply)

Set clear policy parameters: 40%
Established reimbursement maximums: 0%
Changed the method of expense reimbursement: 0%
Minimized policy exceptions: 40%
Reduced temporary housing duration and house hunting trips: 40%
Used core/flex relocation packages: 0%
Established tiered relocation packages: 100%
Used technology to track/manage relocation expenses: 0%


This month's survey addresses Business Traveler Management and Tracking.  

Create your own user feedback survey

Topics: global mobility, business travlers, business traveler management

Which Relocation Expenses Can Be Excluded from Income Tax?

Posted by Amy Mergler on Fri, Mar 10, 2017

TaxesRegardless of the distance or time of year, relocating for a job is an expensive undertaking. Fortunately, many employers have relocation packages in place that reimburse employees for some, or all, of their moving expenses. Some relocation expenses are excludable from income tax, while others are considered additional taxable income by the IRS.

Learn more about relocation and U.S. taxes in our free guide.

Excluded Moving Expenses

Qualified relocation expenses are not included in an employee’s income. They are paid directly to the employee or to third parties. Excludable expenses paid directly to the employee are noted on the employee’s W-2 form in box 12, while payments made directly to third parties on the employee’s behalf need not be reported on their W-2.

Excludable moving expenses typically fall into two primary categories, household goods and final move expenses. Below are some common costs related to these two categories.

Moving Household Goods

  • Packing and unpacking household goods at the original and new residences
  • Disconnecting, then reconnecting utilities for each home
  • Transporting pets from the original residence to the new location
  • Packing, crating and boxing supplies
  • Transporting personal vehicles to the new location
  • Storage expenses, usually for 30 to 90 days (depending on the policy and individual circumstances)
  • Insurance on the household goods

Final Move Expenses

  • Transportation expenses to physically move the employee and his/her family to the new residence
  • In-transit lodging for the family
  • Mileage expenses for employees traveling by car, but only the first $0.19 per mile in 2017 (varies each year) is excludable from income

To be excludable from income, the employee should take the most direct route to the news home.

Where to Find Information on Excludable Relocation Expenses

Visit the IRS website to find the most up-to-date information on excludable relocation expenses. Specific information on relocation expenses is outlined in IRS Publication 521, Moving Expenses.



Although this written communication may address tax issues, it is not a covered opinion as described in Circular 230.  Therefore, to ensure compliance with requirements imposed by the IRS, we inform you that any tax advice contained in this communication (including any attachments), unless expressly stated otherwise, was not intended or written to be used, and cannot be used, for the purpose of (i) avoiding tax-related penalties under the Internal Revenue Code or (ii) promoting, marketing or recommending to another party any tax-related matter(s) addressed herein.

Topics: tax impact of relocation, relocation expense reimbursement, employee relocation expenses, relocation taxes, employee relocation

Upcoming Relocation Shows and Events - March

Posted by Amy Mergler on Thu, Feb 23, 2017


We will be attending and/or sponsoring the following upcoming events because it’s a great opportunity for us to meet new people, stay abreast of latest relocation trends and meet with trusted partners. If you’re attending, look for us and say hi. 


New England Relocation Association mid-Winter Mingle and Meeting

March 8th & 9th

Location: Four Points Sheraton, Norwood, MA

Attendee: Pete Larkin

The NERA mid-winter meeting will feature corporate and supplier roundtable discussions and presentations on global multigenerational workforces and working effectively across cultures (with a focus on India).

Click here to register for the events.



Charlotte Metro Area Relocation Council

March 9th

Location: Crowne Plaza Executive Park, Charlotte, NC

Attendee: Tracey Scott

CMARC's quarterly meeting will focus on Real Estate and the Economy in 2017.

Learn more and register for the event here.




2017 Virginia SHRM State Conference

March 12th - 15th

Location: Williamsburg Lodge, Williamsburg, VA

Attendee: Tracey Scott

The theme of this year's VA SHRM state conference is The Joy of HR: Celebrating our Profession and "Cooking Up" Great HR Ideas and Content with the Right Ingredients, the Best Recipes, & the Proper Techniques. The conference will feature a number of keynote speakers, breakout sessions, networking opportunities, certification preparation courses and opportunities to earn certification credits.

We will be in Booth #36. Stop by to see us and register to win an Amazon Echo!

To find out about the event and to register for the conference, click here.




2017 Best of the West Conference

March 14th

Location: Courtyard Scottsdale Salt River, Scottsdale, AZ

Attendee: Patrick Cacho

The ARA Best of the West Conference includes discussions on government affairs, cultural competence and more, as well as a corporate panel on How to Do More with Less and a silent auction benefitting the Phoenix Rescue Mission

Click here for more information and to register.





Southeastern Regional Relocation council Spring 2017 Conference

March 22nd - 23rd

Location: Omni Orlando Resort, ChampionsGate, FL

Attendee: Scott Williamson

The SRRC Spring Conference will focus on The Future of Work and includes panel discussions, industry updates and presentations by top industry professionals. 

For more information, click here.





Dulles SHRM Chapter Breakfast Meeting

March 22nd

Location: Hidden Creek Country Club, Reston, VA

Attendee: Tracey Scott

The March meeting of the Dulles SHRM Chapter features guest speaker Shannon Polly, who will address the external and internal aspects of presence.  

Find out more here.





Greater Washington Employee Relocation Council Membership Mingle & MEETING

March 28th & 29th

Location: TBD for the Mingle and Top of the Town, Arlington, VA for the Meeting

Attendee: Jean Marotta

To register, click here.





Global Business News Event

March 30th

Location: Downtown Club, New York, NY

Attendee: Pete Larkin

The Global Business News event will include discussions on building and retaining resilient mobile talent, Brexit's impact on real estate in New York and London and more.  

To learn more and register, click here.





If you can’t attend, please be sure to follow CapRelo on Facebook and Twitter for updates.

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February Relocation Survey

Posted by Amy Mergler on Mon, Feb 20, 2017

Thinking about changing your relocation program or just curious about what other organizations are doing? Each month, we'll feature a short survey and share our findings along with the next survey the following month. Below are the results for last month's survey and this month's survey questions.

jANUARY Survey Results

1. Does your company have an executive relocation policy in place?

57% of respondents have an executive relocation policy, 20% do not and 14% are unsure.

2. Which of the following features describe your executive relocation policy? (Choose all that apply)

Comprehensive, not complex: 50%
Anticipates problems before they arise: 0%
Addresses real estate issues: 33%
Includes robust Household Goods assistance: 33%
Builds in bonus incentives: 17% 

3. What is/are the goal(s) of your executive relocation policy? (Choose all that apply)

Eliminate distractions for your transferring executive: 80%
Achieve a quicker return to productivity: 40%
Eliminate reasons why an executive might turn down a relocation offer: 60%


This month's survey addresses employee relocation costs.  

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What Does a Relocation Package Include?

Posted by Amy Mergler on Thu, Feb 09, 2017

home-relocation-1.pngDue to changes in the economic climate, many companies looked to cut costs by offering full relocation benefits packages primarily to higher-level employees, with newer hires and those on the lower rungs of the corporate ladder often left to manage the details (including many unreimbursed expenses) for themselves. In some organizations, employees were reimbursed only after the move for any but the most basic moving expenses. However, smart companies looking to recruit and retain top talent, are realizing the advantages of offering relocation expense coverage for even newer hires.

Learn more about developing relocation policies in our free guide. 

Many organizations either designate an in-house relocation manager to help oversee the move from beginning to end or, increasingly, turn this complex job over to a professional relocation management company.

What can today’s transferee expect in a relocation package? Much will vary based on position within the company, the industry and the location. However, in most standard relocation packages, a transferee can usually expect his or her company to offer some, or all, of the following provisions:

  • House hunting expense reimbursement for a new residence, which may also include childcare costs enabling parents to focus on the business of finding a residence without the distraction of little ones. Most companies pay for at least one or two house hunting trips in the new location.
  • Real estate and rental expenses for selling an existing residence are also covered by most employers as a basic benefit. These expenses usually include agent sales commissions and related fees, closing costs, transfer taxes and fees and other moving-related expenses. For renters who may need to break a lease, the company will reimburse for any penalties incurred.
  • Moving household goods between the old and new location, including packing, transporting, insuring and setting up furnishings and other goods in the destination location.
  • Storage expenses for household furnishings until a new residence is ready for move-in, usually for 30 to 90 days, depending on the policy and individual circumstances.
  • Transportation to the new location, whether airfare or reimbursement of mileage if the trip can be made by auto. For longer hauls when a transferee must travel by air or train, companies will often reimburse the costs of moving a personal auto to the new destination.
  • Temporary living expenses, such as interim rental housing for 30 to 90 days (depending on policy and individual circumstances), upon arrival to enable the transferee to meet critical starting deadlines.
  • Miscellaneous expenses associated with the relocation. These could include unexpected out-of-pocket expenses, costs of meals en route to the final destination as well as well as during house hunting, spouse employment assistance, new driver’s license and other fees charged by the new state or country, as well as for childcare, eldercare and other dependent care costs.

While it’s still true that the higher the level of an employee’s status within an organization, the more comprehensive and inclusive will be the relocation package, more savvy companies are offering to underwrite relocation costs even for newer employees as a means of attracting and keeping their top talent. Each company has its own benefit structure and policies vary, so potential transferees need to understand from the outset what is and isn't included (but could be negotiable) to secure the best deal on relocation packages.


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