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Executive Relocation Packages - Household Goods Moving Services

Posted by Jim Retzer on Tue, Jul 01, 2014

The Challenge

C  Users selamawy Documents Photosthop Images globe boxesYou invest significant resources in recruiting and retaining top-level executives to guide your company toward growth and greater profitability. For those executives who accept a relocation assignment, transporting their household goods must be handled with the utmost care and much more detailed planning than would be required for a more typical relocation.

Learn more about how to develop an attractive executive relocation policy in our free article.

Providing top quality services that address their special needs can smooth the relocation process and bring your executive back to full productivity far more quickly than if he or she had to micro-manage the process; creating worry, stress and distractions from day to day business issues. Those unwanted outcomes lead to temporary losses of productivity and perhaps to job dissatisfaction. Unfortunately, most employers and their HR departments do not have significant experience in the special relocation needs of top executives. However, there are several key ingredients you should consider if you choose to take on the executive relocation yourself.

What to Do

Simply arranging for a moving company to transport your executive's household goods isn't sufficient. You need to understand how the company handles executive relocations, and then thoroughly vet the company to assure it's up to the job. For example:

  • Determine if the moving company has written policies and procedures for relocating top executives. Obtain a copy and review it to determine what services are included for executive moves that differ from more routine relocations.
  • Does the mover have a dedicated team of highly-rated employees specially trained to handle executive relocations? How did those top-rated people obtain their ratings? What measures were used to determine which employees are best suited to providing quality service for executive moves?
  • How does the moving company handle quality control issues? Do they have a 24x7 single point of contact for customer service?
  • Does the moving company offer a Service Level Agreement (SLA)? What components are included in the SLA? For example, do they have sufficient resources (trucks, people and scheduling systems) to assure the loading of household goods will be completed on the date and time promised, without compromise?
  • Is an On Site Manager (OSM) designated for the move? If so, does he or she oversee the entire household goods shipment? Is the OSM on-site at the destination to provide continuous supervision of the unloading process?

A Better Solution

Household goods shipment is one of the most important facets of an executive relocation. If your HR department doesn't have deep experience in such relocations, it is possible – perhaps likely – that you'll hit “speed bumps” along the way that can lead to loss of productivity, dissatisfaction with the entire relocation process and negative impact on your company. Instead, you may wish to consider outsourcing the household goods transportation process to a firm that specializes in working with top executive relocations. 

Executive Relocation Guide


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Are You Truly Committed to a Low-Stress Relocation Process?

Posted by Tamara Bianchi on Tue, Apr 24, 2012

Are you familiar with the old tale about the chicken and the pig who wanted to make breakfast for the farmer? In short, the chicken made a contribution by giving up some eggs. But the pig...well, he'd have to make a real “commitment” in order to help out with the gift of ham.

In the business world, though, commitment is a good thing -- and rarely fatal! We all want “pigs” in our company -- people who will be fully committed to our company's mission and vision, whatever that may be.

Of course, in order to have employees fully committed to your company mission, you need to be clear on what that mission is. Once that mission's in place, you can show your commitment to your employees in other ways. And, one way to gain committed employees is to show employees that key senior staff are committed, too.

A Low-Stress Relocation Process Shows Commitment
When you make the commitment to make the relocation process as stress free as possible, you're showing your commitment to your employees and to the success of the company. You're showing that you're willing to do what it takes to recruit and retain key talent within your organization. And you're showing your employees that you care about them -- that you're fully committed to their success.

Need Help With Your Relocation Process?
One way to show your commitment to a successful relocation process is to hire a relocation management company to help keep costs down, take care of the often-stressful details, and refer the best relocation service providers available. If you're committed to a low-stress relocation process, a company like Capital Relocation Services can help make it a reality.

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How Does Your Corporate Relocation Package Compare?

Posted by Joseph Torres on Mon, Aug 29, 2011

savings resized 600Lump-sum packages are growing in popularity due to three major benefits over reimbursing employee's relocation expenses.

Gain a better understanding of lump-sum packages with our free guide.

Benefits of a Lump-Sum Corporate Relocation Package

  • Ability for the company to better control relocation costs
  • Ease of administration
  • Flexibility for relocating employee to choose their own relocation service providers

However, within the parameters of a lump-sum corporate relocation policy, several variables exist:

  • Partial or full lump-sum payments
  • Fixed or variable payments
  • How lump-sum payments are calculated

A Mobility Magazine survey uncovered some interesting facts about how companies are managing their lump-sum corporate relocation packages.

  • Most partial lump sums are a fixed amount for every employee.
  • Most lump-sum-only payments vary based on a number of factors, including individual needs or the employee's level within the company.
  • Fixed payments are more common with entry-level employees
  • An executive relocation package usually varies based on a number of factors.
  • In a complete, variable lump-sum corporate relocation package, whether the employee is a renter or homeowner was a big factor in calculating the lump-sum amount. In a partial lump-sum payment, homeowner or renter status was rarely taken into account.

If you're structuring (or re-structuring) your corporate relocation policy with lump-sum packages, benchmarking can help you set payment amounts. A full-service corporate relocation firm can help. 

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Is Corporate Relocation Worth the Costs?

Posted by Nicole Overholt on Fri, Aug 05, 2011

If you're considering moving your entire business, it's important to consider the real costs of corporate relocation. Some reasons to move may include:

  • To place your company in an area with access to more and better talent
  • To move to an area with better distribution channels
  • To move to an area that provides lower operating costs
  • To take advantage of tax incentives or benefits offered in specific regions

But there may be hidden corporate relocation costs you haven't considered, so it's important to think about these factors:

  • Ability to retain top talent following a move
  • Drop in employee morale following a move, which can affect productivity
  • Cost of marketing materials and signage with new address and phone number
  • Ability to recruit new talent in the new region
  • Decrease in sales or stock prices due to negative PR in the region you're leaving

A corporate relocation firm can help you address many of these issues, including your ability to convince your top performers to stay with the company and make the move.

CapRelo prides itself on the way we manage the logistics of corporate relocations, corporate relocation expense management, and relocation tax issues. But we know there's something much more important that we offer, too. The level of service we offer leads to high retention rates amongst relocating employees, and more successful recruiting, as well.

group of business people resized 600

One client of ours recently doubled their successful recruiting rate after we completed benchmarking studies and revamped their corporation relocation package to be more competitive, while still maintaining manageable corporate relocation costs.

If you're concerned about the ramifications of an upcoming move, don't take on the battle alone. Call CapRelo to help you manage your corporate relocation costs, tangible and intangible.

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What a Relocation Specialist Can Do For You

Posted by Tamara Bianchi on Tue, May 31, 2011

When you hire a corporate relocation company, you'll enjoy a variety of services that only a relocation specialist can provide. With our staff of relocation specialists, CapRelo can handle a variety of tasks that previously may have fallen under the domain of your (already busy) human resources department—or simply fallen by the wayside. 

For instance:

  • Negotiating relocation benefits packages
  • Managing real estate sales and purchases through our supply chain
  • Handling relocation reimbursements, tax gross up and other financial matters related to corporate relocation
  • Lining up relocation service providers such as household goods moving companies
  • Making sure the physical relocation on the day of the move goes smoothly
  • Booking travel for relocating employees
  • Orientation trips and tours for relocating employees
  • Helping relocating employees acclimate to the new region, including connecting them with local networking groups and activities for the kids

V  CRS KristinS Marketing Photos cover photo resized 600

A Relocation Specialist: There When You Need Him

If any of your employees experience an issue during a move, our relocation specialists are available by a number of means, including phone or email, to solve any problem. But our customer service goal is to foresee and avoid problems before they occur. And we have the experience, knowledge, and industry connections to make it happen.

A Relocation Specialist Becomes Part of Your Corporate Team

The relocation specialists at CapRelo can help you set corporate relocation processes and strategies in line with your corporate culture. Through benchmarking studies and by helping you evaluate and refine your corporate relocation process, we'll help you be more competitive in recruiting talent within your industry. The relocation process is about much more than just moving people and household goods, and we understand every aspect to keep relocation low stress for you, your HR staff, and your employees.

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CapRelo CEO Mickey Williams on Executive Leaders Radio

Posted by Tamara Bianchi on Thu, Mar 31, 2011

Mickey Williams, President and CEO of CapRelo will be interviewed on Executive Leaders Radio on Sunday, April 3, 2011 from 9 to 10 a.m. Guided by William’s strong belief in a “culture of service,” his company provides turn-key relocation management to its clients. Maintaining this client-focused attention to detail, CapRelo is one of the nation’s leading relocation companies.

Low-Stress Relocation Process™ 

CapRelo’s seamless relocation transition grows out of what Williams calls the “Low-Stress Relocation Process™” which emphasizes getting a relocating company up and running in the least disruptive way possible. Williams says, “We drive the relocation process so the client doesn’t have to. Our job is to get the employee from point A to B, functioning at 100% productivity as quickly as possible.” 

 Executive Leaders Radio 

 Executive Leaders Radio invites Williams to share his core business principles, leadership model and company philosophy. The program showcases the nation’s leading CEOs in a relate-able format, allowing listeners a rare opportunity to hear top business leaders’ insights and secrets to their success. 

The interview will air Sunday, April 3, 9 to 10 a.m. on Federal News Radio, 1500AM, in the Washington D.C. Metro Area. 

Following Williams’ interview Sunday, the broadcast will be available in webcast and archived at and

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How to Write a Relocating Employee Transfer Letter

Posted by Rick Bruce on Mon, Mar 21, 2011

right_relocation_firm_with_personalized_customer_service.jpgYour human resources staff may have to fill out an employee transfer form or, in lieu of that, write an employee transfer letter. While the main goal of this letter is to inform a relocating employee of the terms of a transfer, it should never be the first communication about relocation. 

Find out more about writing an employee relocation offer letter in our free article. 

When to Send an Employee Transfer Letter

An employee transfer letter and any accompanying employee transfer forms should follow a face-to-face conversation about the relocation. The employee transfer letter may inform the employee of the terms of the transfer, any reimbursements they can expect, or any bonuses they might receive as a result of accepting the transfer. It may be a starting point for negotiating an equitable relocation package, or it could reiterate details already agreed upon between the employee and the HR staff or the relocation company handling such details. 

This important business correspondence should make a relocating employee feel good about the upcoming move and valued in the company. This can help get the relocation process off to a good start, contributing to a low-stress relocation. 

 An employee transfer letter should: 

  • Be straightforward 
  • Be easy-to-read and understand 
  • Outline all the details your employee will want to know, in plain English 
  • Be inspirational, to a degree, where it gets your employee excited by the prospects of the move 

In addition to including specific details about the relocation—the where and the when—it should also include:  

  • Job duties of the relocating employee, if they will differ in the new location 
  • Salary in the new location, along with any relocation incentives offered 
  • Information about home sale and purchase assistance 
  • Information about reimbursement packages and what moving costs will be covered by the company 

 When you enlist the help of a full-service corporate relocation company like CapRelo, we can assist your HR department with employee transfer forms, employee transfer letters, and other paperwork that is part of a smooth relocation process.

Download The Low-Stress  Relocation Guide

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Why Relocate?

Posted by George Herriage on Thu, Feb 03, 2011

Companies relocate for a number of different reasons. If you're in a senior management or ownership position at your firm, you may be considering corporate relocation for one of the following reasons: 

  • Lifestyle change for yourself and your employees 
  • To expand into a new geographical demographic 
  • To move to larger headquarters 

To lower your business expenses, cost-of-living and cost of doing business, promoting future growth.

 Is It Worth it To Move?

A corporate relocation company can help you determine if a move will be worthwhile. A corporate relocation company will help you plan a budget around your move. There are a lot of factors related to a corporate relocation. If your motivations for moving are primarily financial, you'll want the assistance of a business relocation company to help you run the numbers and see if it's worthwhile. Some costs related to corporate relocation include: 

  • the cost of the actual move 
  • relocating employees 
  • leasing or buying a new building 
  • helping you sell your existing property 
  • downtime during the move 
  • costs of new marketing materials, etc. reflecting your new address 
  • A Corporate Relocation Company Understands the Challenges 

    When you're moving your headquarters and want to keep your top employees onboard, a corporate relocation company can help you decide on relocation or retention incentives that will make the move worthwhile for your existing staff. 

When you're moving your headquarters and want to keep your top employees onboard, a corporate relocation company can help you decide on relocation or retention incentives that will make the move worthwhile for your existing staff. 

    They can also help you calculate the cost-per-new-hire, including training time, lost productivity due to a learning curve, and the trade-off of paying a new employee a lower salary. In most cases, it's worthwhile to keep existing employees onboard and happy. By managing low-stress relocations for each employee, a business relocation company will help you do just that. 

 If you're ready to promote growth in your business with a move, a corporate relocation company can help.

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Will You Leave Employees Behind During Corporate Relocation?

Posted by Barbara Miller on Mon, Nov 08, 2010

Are you moving your offices or setting up a second branch in another state -- or internationally? National or international relocation services like Capital Relocation Services can help -- and not just in the ways you might imagine.

When you move your corporate offices, you'll have a lot of tough decisions to make in regard to your workforce, salaries, retaining employees and recruiting new hires.

Here are just a few questions you should ask; your corporate relocation company can work with your senior staff to help you determine the best answers.

Personnel questions fall into several categories:

  • Retaining top talent
  • Employees who stay behind
  • New hires

A corporate relocation company helps you retain your top talent by tracking the answers to these questions:

  • Which employees will make the move?
  • Will you offer retention bonuses or relocation incentives for reticent employees?
  • What other measures will you put in place to retain your top talent?
  • What's the cost of new hires v. retaining current talent?
  • How much should top talent be paid, considering market salaries and cost-of-living in the new location?

A corporate relocation company will help you keep costs under control by helping you determine the answers to these questions about employees who stay behind

  • Will jobs with your company be available for them in the existing location?
  • Will you offer severance packages?
  • How much notice will you give?

A corporate relocation company can help you stay within budget when it comes to new hires, too.

  • How much will you pay new hires compared to existing employees?
  • What's the cost of training new hires and integrating them into corporate culture?
  • By what means will you find new hires?


Free eBook:  A Guide to Developing  Relocation Policies


With the right planning, your new offices might become the perfect blend of old and new, where existing talent helps new hires assimilate the corporate culture and new hires show your old hands around town -- and you'll start to see increased productivity from everyone.

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