Published on July 29, 2019
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Modern cyberthreats may seem insurmountable to organizations, especially when they factor in the added variables of a corporate global mobility program. But businesses have options when it comes to defending themselves against digital threats, starting with strict access control. 

Businesses using digitized corporate mobility workflows will most definitely confront these digital security risks and must, in turn, implement appropriate defenses. Adopting a DevSecOps approach to employee data can also help. DevSecOps is short for development, security and operations. The idea behind this terminology is to make everyone accountable for security within an organization.

Having a powerful DevSecOps culture allow for a strong data security environment with the objective of implementing security decisions and actions at the same tenacity and speed as development and operational decisions and actions. Essentially, DevSecOps strives to automate the necessary functions of a comprehensive data security network, such as real-time updates and regular testing. When internal developers build applications from the ground up with data security in mind, back-end continuity increases dramatically.


The fewer credentialed users, the less likely breaches exposing PII will occur.

Personal data, also known as personal information or personally identifying information (PII) is any information relating to identifying a person. The fewer credentialed users, the less likely breaches exposing PII will occur. In addition to taking these inward-facing steps, enterprises can look outward for reliable partners that maintain high quality data security protocols and offer solutions to keep corporate and relocating employee data safe.

  • A downstream vendor that doesn’t adhere to the strictest data management standards is not worth the risk they introduce into the partnership.
  • Cybersecurity must be a core component when selecting mobility vendors.

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