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Managing the Unexpected: Putting Safety First During Employee Relocations

Posted by Barry Morris on Thu, Feb 21, 2019

Safety First

Relocating is never easy for anyone – even when a new job provides better pay or benefits. Yet, the employee relocation process can be a critical step in moving your business in the direction it needs to go. CapRelo is trusted by many Fortune 500 companies to manage this transition process every step of the way. 

Whether an employee is working directly with their personal relocation counselor or utilizing our proprietary CapConnect technology, the goal is always the same: make every aspect of the move as easy on your employee as possible so that they can focus on their new position right away.  

Here are some ways we put employees first during the transition process:

  • Gearing relocation packages to them, including proper compensation
  • Instilling peace of mind by always remaining positive while discussing relocation 
  • Offering home marketing, selling and finding assistance
  • Moving and packing household goods to save time and stress
  • Providing furnished and temporary housing assistance if needed 
  • Conducting language training and cultural assimilation, for adjustment to new customs
  • Organizing spousal and family support 

CapRelo’s priority is that your employee also feels well cared-for during the process. Even in the face of natural disasters, CapRelo works to take care of your employees, putting their safety first and foremost by:

  • Having a developed preparedness plan in place prior to emergencies
  • Staying alert to any situation that may affect your relocating employees
  • Communicating promptly and reporting any potential impact to employees, including contacting their families if need be
  • Cooperating fully with FEMA and providing transferees with contact info prior to move

For a recent example, in the middle of a move, one of our transferees and their family found themselves in the grip of a Category 5 hurricane during their relocation to Miami. The weather situation had been changing almost hourly, and ask the hurricane strengthened to a Category 5, CapRelo sprang into action, moving the family out of harm’s way and into safe temporary housing until it was safe to return. 

Find out more in our video below:

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Looking Ahead: Global Mobility in 2019

Posted by Barry Morris on Fri, Feb 08, 2019

Looking Ahead in 2019

The political and economic changes of 2018 confirmed that global mobility needs to be a focal point in 2019. As the year unfolds, there are critical areas of change within global mobility that our team at CapRelo is facing head on.

Any major tax and political change can quickly prompt a sudden need to stabilize assignments.  Anticipating external changes, and identifying the potential risks and rewards, is the best way to maintain the strength of a global mobility policy. While CapRelo works with our clients to identify and address external influences, we also look to both our clients’ overall goals and those of their employees to ensure the success of assignments.

Another trend we are prepared to encounter in 2019 is the increase in junior professionals who are embracing global mobility. With the mobility population becoming younger, it is important to understand that this is a generation that is more inclined to travel, especially as many have few ties to keep them from doing so. As these young professionals become a larger influencer on global mobility policy, it is crucial to adapt to their desire to experience culture, seeking a more authentic experience rather than a gated expat community. Focusing on the emerging destinations of 2019, such as India, Brazil, and Thailand, will serve to prepare us for the global mobility trends to come.

Innovation continues to be one of the most important areas for global mobility professionals to conquer in 2019. With digital technology at the forefront of our service delivery model, a brand new website and our employee-focused mobility management software solution, CapRelo’s adaptive technology continues to meet this fundamental demand of 2019.

As we face these industry changes, the people who comprise our CapRelo teams across the world continue to keep us grounded and help us guarantee High Tech. High Touch. Higher Satisfaction. 

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New Year, New

Posted by Barry Morris on Fri, Jan 25, 2019

New Year New Caprelo

I am pleased to announce the launch of CapRelo’s new website. Having been in the works for the better part of 2018, we’re entering the New Year with the arrival of a new site that offers a seamless, more intuitive user experience. 

You may also notice that CapRelo has debuted a new logo and fresh branding to accompany our new website. This look is more modern and we hope demonstrates a company that is constantly evolving and moving forward. 

Our goal with the new site is to allow visitors the ability to easily navigate CapRelo’s extensive offerings in the global mobility space. With a fully responsive experience, custom video content, and updated blog, among other new content and features, we hope our customers and partners around the world find it easier to get to know CapRelo.

As always, CapRelo continues to be both high tech and high touch. Our global teams, who earn a 99% customer satisfaction rating, look forward to connecting with you personally in 2019. In the meantime, we invite you to explore the new


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Making a Global Footprint

Posted by Barry Morris on Thu, Dec 13, 2018

global footprint

According to the U.S. Small Business Administration, 96 percent of the world’s consumers live outside of America. That’s almost 2 billion people. To get access to this growing class, companies may need to expand to new shores.

There are many opportunities and benefits that come with doing business abroad. Government incentives and foreign investment opportunities aside, doing business internationally also offers a competitive advantage when it comes to technology, industry ecosystems and talent. Access to larger, more diverse talent pools offers companies unique advantages in terms of increased productivity, advanced language skills and diverse educational backgrounds.

And while the prospect of international may seem daunting, having a global partner to help you will ease those worries.

At CapRelo, we can help because we’ve expanded too. Over the years, we’ve grown from our Virginia operation to having a true tri-regional presence in Canada, China, Germany, India, Malaysia, Singapore and the U.K. Establishing these bases of operations was key to understanding and meeting our clients' global mobility needs, and sets CapRelo apart as a global mobility management company.

Whether your company wants to expand its horizon into a new market or secure the hottest global talent from anywhere else in the world, we can help. We deliver quicker data, quicker answers, so you can make smart talent decisions faster.

Streamline Success

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CapRelo and JK Moving Cycle for Survival

Posted by Barry Morris on Tue, Dec 04, 2018

Chris Finckel Cycle for Survival

CapRelo and our sister company JK Moving Services once again committed our support to Cycle for Survival, an indoor team cycling fundraising event to beat rare cancers. The fundraising effort supports research for pancreatic, brain, stomach, ovarian, and thyroid cancers; leukemia and lymphoma; all pediatric cancers; and many others.

This is the 11th year for the event. So far, Cycle for Survival has raised more than $140 million to fund innovative clinical trials, research studies, and major research initiatives led by Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center. Every dollar raised goes directly to lifesaving research within six months of the event.


CapRelo and JK Moving have each reserved one stationary bike to ride at the event on Friday, March 1st at the Equinox Sports Club in Washington, DC. Each team will be comprised of four to eight members. The event is essentially four back-to-back 50-minute spin classes that the teams ride in relay style. The classes are challenging, high energy, and inspiring. During the relay, survivors, current patients, and doctors speak briefly between each ride.

Below is a great video that gives a sense of what the event day is like and really shows the profound impact Cycle for Survival is making in people’s lives.

As captain of the CapRelo team, I’m looking forward to joining my team of enthusiastic riders and fundraisers for the ride and supporting a worthwhile cause! Please consider joining us in supporting Cycle for Survival by visiting our team page and making a donation.


Click here to learn more about Cycle for Survival.

Click here to visit the CapRelo Team Page.

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Embracing Employee & Community Wellness

Posted by Barry Morris on Mon, Oct 15, 2018

Employee Wellness Team

According to Forbes, happy and healthy employees are up to 20% more productive than unhappy employees, and when it comes to salespeople, happiness has an even greater impact, raising sales by 37%. At CapRelo, we're not only devoted to providing the best customer service to our clients, but also to doing right by our team.

Over the years, we have found it pays to take stock in our employees' personal well-being, as well as that of our community. Hosting on-site and off-site wellness and outreach initiatives makes it easier for employees to make better decisions in their own lives. Not only during our busiest seasons, but all year round, making sure folks take a few minutes to think about themselves through various programs is a priority.

CapRelo's Employee Wellness Programs

Employee wellness is best approached with a hands-on strategy. CapRelo publishes a monthly wellness newsletter distributed company-wide, as well as encouraging participation in a monthly wellness webinar series offered by Cigna. Some of the other workplace wellness and community outreach programs we offer include:

Stone Feather Catering1. On-site Farmer’s Market: Chef Pepper Owings of Stone Feather Farm is on-site at the Sterling, VA campus twice a month to offer healthy, organic alternatives to typical lunch options, as well as a variety of local and organic produce. 

2. Weight Watchers Meetings: With our second 2018 session now underway, our first Weight Watchers session was a great success with 28 employees participating and a total loss of 323.4 pounds.

3. Managing Diabetes: We partnered with a Registered Dietitian and Health Educator to develop on-demand training about diabetes prevention and management.

4. Wellness Passport:  CapRelo’s flagship benefit program invites employees to earn points by taking control of their health and offers many resources, discounts and chances to win gift cards and cash rewards, all while staying involved at work. 

Putting an emphasis on our employees' wellness leads to a happier work environment and, ultimately, a more successful company. 

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Meet Pete Larkin, CapRelo's Own "Deputy Chief"

Posted by Barry Morris on Fri, Jun 15, 2018

Pete - Deputy Chief

At CapRelo, we value employees with a sense of mission and service, and encourage our team to pursue a greater purpose both in the workplace and outside of it. To learn more about him and is role at CapRelo, I recently sat down with VP of Global Business Development, Pete Larkin. Or perhaps we should be calling him "Deputy Chief." 

Raised in Hartford, CT by parents who both worked for the state, it's no question that Pete was raised to work hard. His resume includes 20 years as an Assistant Professor in Psychiatry at UConn, 21 years of experience in business development and former PGA caddy for Lee Trevino for good measure. Following in his father's footsteps, he has also worked 20 years as a Volunteer Firefighter in CT, earning the rank of Deputy Chief. He and his wife, a Rehab Occupational Therapist, adopted and raised two loving children from Korea as infants. His son, now 30, is living and working in L.A. as an actor and his daughter, now 26, is living and working in NY as a writer.

While much of his personal time involves Irish music, cheering for the Red Sox and reading biographies, his most rewarding pastime is training and recruiting new firefighters. And while the work Pete accomplishes at CapRelo as VP of Global Business Development is essential to forming strategic relationships with our clients, it is Pete's cultivated experience as a businessman, family man and firefighter that makes employees like Pete our biggest asset.

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