Published on April 15, 2014

Certified Relocation ProfessionalWhat Is a Certified Relocation Professional?

The Certified Relocation Professional, or CRP® certification designation is a highly regarded recognition. It acknowledges that one has achieved extensive and useful knowledge in every aspect of US domestic employee relocation. The CRP designation is bestowed upon those who qualify, via once-per-year examinations, presented and administered by the industry organization: the Worldwide Employee Relocation Council (Worldwide ERC®).

Just as people taking a Business Administration degree in college often go on to earn an MBA, professionals in the many segments of the employee relocation industry often seek special certifications that attest to their expertise, knowledge and experience won over many years.

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CRP® Certification

Since 1990 when Worldwide ERC® first launched the CRP® certification, the program has grown to stand for the professionalism of those who have mastered the process and the art of successful relocation. It has become a premiere “badge of accomplishment” that is recognized throughout many industries. Individuals from real estate, lending, insurance, relocation services, and transportation have all qualified for this sought-after recognition. They dedicate themselves to the successful transfer of employees, and consistently seek to improve their knowledge through continuing education.

The CRP® certification exam measures an individual's knowledge on a range of issues: family relocation; tax and legal matters; corporate relocation policies; appraisal methods for real estate; real estate marketing – among others.  Many companies relocating their employees demand nothing less than a CRP® to administer the needs of their company and to return their transferees to full productivity as quickly as possible.

The CRP® certification requires dedicated study and wide experience in relocating employees across the nation. In 2013 alone, only 218 people achieved Certified Relocation Professional (CRP®) status. [1] Furthermore, the designation requires a re-certification every three years. The CRP® program aims to raise the professional standards of those involved in relocating employees and to encourage on-going professional development.

Why CRP® Certification Is Important

A CRP® certification recognizes professionals involved in the field of employee transfer and relocation. People with those credentials may work within a human resources department, a real estate sales organization, a moving and transportation firm, or a relocation services company. Candidates seeking to earn this designation must have a prerequisite one full year or more of experience in the relocation industry to qualify for the exam. Only about 65 percent of candidates pass the examination. [2, 3] It's a tough exam that demands real experience in the real world of relocation.

The Senior Certified Relocation Professional

For those who have earned their CRP® and wish to attain even higher levels of expertise, providing their professional service to Worldwide ERC® can lead to the Senior (SCRP®) level of recognition. Such individuals make significant contributions to the relocation and mobility industry by contributing their expertise and energies on Worldwide ERC® committees, panels, classes, online commentary and more.

Relocating employees and their families to faraway destinations and expecting a quick return to productivity presents many challenges, both to the company and to your employees. Working with organizations whose people have professional certifications brings great expertise to each of your relocations. You'll enjoy greater success as you relocate people, and your employees and their families will appreciate the smoother transition to their new home.