Published on May 20, 2014

Supply chain management is critical in the relocation industry. Just one issue in the supplier network can disrupt one or even several employee relocations.

As a result, many corporations and government agencies utilize the services of a relocation management company to manage suppliers. This takes the challenging task of researching, qualifying and managing suppliers off of your shoulders. Whether you manage your own supply chain or use a relocation management company, following are some of the suppliers you need to select to provide complete relocation services to your employees.

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Considerations when Choosing Suppliers and Vendors

  • Moving Household Goods (HHG) – As one of the main concerns for transferees, a company needs a good record of moving goods on time and in good condition.
  • Managing the Move – This involves handling the often-tricky scheduling and assistance with physically moving the transferee and his or her family, thus enabling the employee to get back to the job at hand and minimizing disruptions in productivity.
  • Global Relocation Services - A relocation firm should be experienced in assisting transferees in adapting to new cultures, customs.
  • Real Estate and Mortgage Brokers – More often than not, the employee has a house that must be sold and needs help selecting and financing a home in the new location. The ability to provide real estate and temporary housing assistance both domestically and internationally is crucial for a relocation company.
  • Destination and Settling-in Services – From getting utilities connected, helping the transferee navigate health care and school options as well as assistance in becoming acclimated to his or her new location, settling-in services play a large role in returning the employee back to full productivity sooner.
  • Cultural and Language Training – Learning the new area’s language, laws and customs will boost your employee’s confidence and comfort with the new assignment.
  • Immigration Services – Expert knowledge is required for navigating the regulations governing visas, customs, and other immigration provisions for the destinations in question.
  • Travel Services – Experienced travel professionals can help remove the guesswork and frustration of making travel arrangements for the transferee and his or her family.

For those companies who still offer fixed lump-sum payouts for expenses, it is important to note that employees who have been given the names and contact information of qualified, trustworthy suppliers will have a reduction in moving-related stress, and an easier transition, resulting in better productivity.


The quality of goods and services can vary widely among suppliers, especially among national franchises and international providers. Some may live up to their reputation but others may not. A qualified reputable third-party relocation company can help avoid potential relocation problems by verifying suppliers for financial stability, safety and insurance coverage and performing facility site visits, ensuring an optimum transfer experience for the employee and company alike.

How to Manage Your Relocation Supplier Network