Published on August 26, 2014

Even though relocations can offer some amazing opportunities, they also bring up a wide range of concerns for employees. As an employer, if you take the time to understand and address these concerns, you’ll be in an excellent position to make your relocating employees feel more comfortable, confident and even excited about the process.

Real Estate

Issues surrounding real estate are some of the most common reasons that professionals worry about potential relocations. Many homeowners wonder how quickly they’ll be able to sell their home and whether they can find a suitable place to live in an unfamiliar location.

Fortunately, there are several practical solutions for real estate concerns, starting with giving your employees access to a real estate professional who can speed up the sale of a home. This step can give employees the freedom to explore a new city or town without worrying about their old house. If professionals are facing an especially challenging home sale situation, you can turn to loss-on-sale programs, incentive programs, and Buyer Value Options programs – all of which can help employees break free of their old homes, even in difficult markets.


Many employees are worried about how the move might affect their family members, especially if they have spouses who will need to find new jobs or if they have school-age children. Along the same lines, some professionals are anxious about being able to make friends and join social groups in a new city or town.
There are numerous ways to address concerns about lifestyle and adjustment issues for employees and family members. One of the best places to start is with the orientation tour for employees and prospects. Instead of relying on the same standard introduction to a certain city or town, craft tailored trips and tours that hone in on each employee’s interests and provide an excellent first impression of the prospective city or town. Showing off top tourist attractions, scenic areas, restaurants and schools can quickly transform an employee’s concerns or indifference into excitement. You may want to extend the invitation for the tour to an employee’s entire family, so everyone can get on board and start looking forward to the move.

This type of support can even continue well after your employee has completed the relocation, and is now adjusting to being a new resident. Your company or your relocation service can provide support by recommending and organizing groups, events and mentorships. These services can all be customized to each employee’s needs, to ensure that even unique or unusual concerns and interests are addressed.

Taking the time to understand these concerns and offer support will not only set up your relocating employees for success, but it can positively influence your business as a whole. Your employees will spend less time worrying, allowing them to return to full productivity more quickly. Perhaps more importantly, you’ll boost employee satisfaction and attract higher quality talent, helping your business remain competitive and strong.

Relocating Employees with Families