Published on October 11, 2010
Your human resources staff has many job duties, including hiring new employees, overseeing training of those new recruits, managing salary and benefits negotiations, helping set corporate policies in line with your company-wide goals, and more. 

If you're planning a corporate relocation, you could be adding yet another course onto your HR staff's over-piled plates. Chances are, most members of your HR staff have never handled a corporate relocation before, either. But if you hire a relocation management company, the qualified team of representatives will work with your HR staff to manage the corporate relocation, setting “best practice” standards, refining processes with each move, and spearheading a low-stress relocation for every employee. 

Business Relocation Companies Have Specialized Expertise and Experience

A relocation management company has knowledge, contacts and connections in areas that your HR staff does not. Business relocation companies have people on staff who can:

  • Help negotiate relocation packages and incentives to maximize employee retention while staying within budget
  • Help employees sell their homes and purchase a new home or set up temporary housing
  • Find the best prices for packing, moving and even vehicle and pet transport
  • Manage scouting trips, finding the best prices for flights and hotels and negotiating fair packages that will help your employees get used to their new surroundings before the move while minimizing down-time
  • Set up a low-stress relocation for each employee -- with standards for incentives, reimbursements, and tax grossup, while understanding that each employee situation is unique
  • Help your HR and bookkeeping staff with tax grossup and other paperwork
  • Minimize downtime so employees can get back to work faster after a low-stress move

Download The Low-Stress  Relocation Guide

A relocation management company can help you keep your corporate relocation within budget, retain employees, and get your entire office functioning at 100% productivity faster.