Published on October 26, 2010

Are you moving your entire company across the country to a region with a lower cost-of-living? Did you find the perfect plot of land for your new warehouse and corporate offices, which will help your company grow? Are you now faced with the task of moving hundreds of your top employees to a different state? You need a full-scale relocation management company specializing in national relocation services to help.

What can U.S. relocation services do for you? A relocation management company helps in a number of ways, assisting with moving your corporate offices as well as your individual employees.

National Relocation Services Before the Move

Prior to relocation, your relocation management company can:

  • help set a budget for relocation
  • assist with home sales and temporary housing
  • provide area tours to orient relocated employees to the new area
  • recommend relocation benefit packages according to standards and benchmarks
  • organize and provide best pricing on household goods and vehicle shipment, along with pet relocation
  • provide one point-of-contact for all relocation services
  • make the move as low-stress as possible to ensure a fast return-to-productivity

National Relocation Services Following the Move

After the move, your relocation management company should continue to help with necessary paperwork. They shouldn't leave you in the dust -- or, more accurately, amidst stacks of boxes, paperwork and the mayhem that often follows a move of any size.
Full-scale national relocation services include helping:

  • with paperwork to insure fast employee reimbursement of benefits
  • to calculate gross up tax benefits for relocation benefits
  • new employees acclimate to new surroundings with additional tours
  • get children of relocated employees enrolled in school, including assisting with the necessary paperwork or decisions about public or private schools
  • assessing each move to set new standards and benchmarks (if necessary) and improve processes so each move goes even more smoothly than the last.

As part of The Low-Stress Relocation Process, CapRelo completes a Relocation, Recruitment & Retention Review, making refinements where necessary to continue to offer the best service around when it comes to national relocation services.