Published on November 05, 2010

In spite of the economy -- or perhaps because of it -- today's workforce is more mobile than ever. And corporations are not hesitating to make a move -- nationally or internationally.

But there's still some hesitation on the part of homeowners to relocate due to the real estate market. The fourth annual Mobility in the Current Real Estate Market study, published by Weichert Relocation Resources, Inc. discovered that more and more employers are re-visiting and modifying their relocation policies to make it easier for relocating employees to sell their homes and get mortgages for the purchase of a new home.

More than 90% of the survey respondents -- relocation and HR professionals -- have made changes to their relocation policies in the past year. Additionally, companies are willing to make case-by-case exceptions, and create customized relocation packages, to make it more appealing for homeowners to dig up their roots and relocate.

A relocation management company can help with these cases, by helping to establish best practices and create policies that are fair across the board, to minimize exceptions. When a customized relocation benefits package is in order, a relocation management company can make sure each package is equitable, if not entirely equal.

Most importantly, as a neutral third-party interested in your company's ROI, a relocation management company can weigh the benefits of retaining top talent against the costs of relocation and keep relocation benefits packages within budget.

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