Published on January 26, 2011

Want to hire a business relocation service, but are afraid of the costs? You can get tailor-made relocation management services with as little (or as much) outside involvement as you'd like.

Maybe your HR staff is adept at providing relocation management services to your employees, negotiating packages and helping transferees integrate with the new environment. Maybe you've lined up service providers and fostered relationships over the years. That's okay.

A business relocation service can work with you in one of several ways:

  • To refine your existing relocation management services with benchmarking and best practices
  • To look at specific aspects of your relocation management services and improve processes where necessary
  • To provide turnkey relocation management services from start to finish, with a single point-of-contact to simplify customer service and more. You may still maintain many of your sub-contract suppliers.

Because every company has unique needs, CapRelo also provides a customized pricing plan for our relocation management services.

Traditional Pricing – Direct costs plus a blend of contract fees and referral fee off-sets or revenue sharing

Solutions Pricing – CapRelo will help you develop a turnkey relocation process, changing sub-contract suppliers only when necessary and billing accordingly

Guaranteed Pricing - If you're concerned about quantifying costs, this is the way to go. With this plan, CapRelo charges a single fee per move.

Download The Low-Stress  Relocation Guide

Relocation management services aren't one-size-fits-all; customized pricing and service should be a standard part of the business relocation service you hire.