Published on May 20, 2011

If you've been following our blog, you know one of our top goals is making relocation low-stress for relocating employees. We do this through a number of relocation management programs that can help keep the relocation process on-time, on-budget and stress-free.

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From the logistics of moving household goods (sometimes overseas), to selling a home and finding new living arrangements, it gives relocating employees peace-of-mind to know they have a reputable, experienced company behind their move, looking out for their interests, and supporting them every step of the way.

But we also acknowledge that a large part of low-stress move, especially in regard to international relocation services, is the employee's mindset. This blog post at “Winning Away: Expat Support” regarding changing your relationship with change, says it all.

But what can international relocation companies do to encourage this frame of mind? There are a number of international relocation services that international relocation companies can offer to help expatriate employees embrace change.

Language Learning Programs:

  • Some people are visual learners, others are better with an auditory approach, and still others need to learn by doing, in an immersive environment. By connecting employees with language learning programs that match their best way of learning, we can help employees integrate into their new space more quickly.

Cross-Cultural Training:

  • Becoming immersed in a different culture means more than just learning the language. It also means understanding local customs. Cross-cultural training should be part of a low-stress international relocation.

Orientation Trips and Tours:

  • The best way to learn local customs and the language is through immersion. With guided tours and orientation trips prior to the move, relocating employees will become more comfortable and begin looking forward to the change.

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The article posted at Winning Away mentions that getting excited about change—rather than fearing it—can reduce stress levels. Each of these international relocation services is designed to help employees and their families get excited about their new living arrangements.