Published on June 15, 2011

Relocation Package: How Does Yours CompareWhat do you tell top prospects when they ask about your corporate relocation package during a job interview? Here are some of the key benefits included in a standard relocation package:

  • Airfare/mileage, hotel, and rental car for the employee and their family for “scouting trips” to new location
  • Household goods moving costs
  • Temporary living for one month or more
  • Temporary storage of household goods
  • Realtor's commission on house to be sold
  • Closing costs on new home
  • Tax “gross up” for relocation package benefits

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Relocation Package Benefits Above and Beyond

In today's economy, when real estate sales are slow and often occur at a loss, there are other benefits you can offer that may help an employee's home sell quicker. This a huge factor today in a successful, low-stress relocation. You may consider:

  • “Loss-on-sale” benefits for sale of the home
  • Quick-sale bonus incentives
  • Home staging services

Negotiating a Relocation Package

Your HR staff will be in a better position to negotiate a relocation package with top prospects if you have an idea of what others in your industry offer. Employees may try to negotiate better terms for the relocation package. In this case, having a standard offer, which you can stand behind as one of the best in your industry, can save you money

A corporate relocation company like CapRelo can provide you with benchmarking studies, industry statistics, and standard sample relocation packages. The company can then customize employee relocation packages to match your prospects' needs based on your region, corporate culture and budget

When it comes time to negotiate, an objective third-party like CapRelo can negotiate the best package for both sides. The relocation process shouldn't be a factor in keeping your company from recruiting top talent. Let CapRelo help you.

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