Published on June 10, 2011

When you think about relocation benefits packages for your employees, you probably think about the cost of things like

  • Real estate services to buy and sell a home
  • Household goods moving services
  • Temporary Housing
  • The physical relocation of employees and their families and pets

All of these are key aspects, of course, of a relocation services benefits package. But there's an important question to consider: Do your relocation service providers offer true “service?”

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Every employee deserves top-notch, white glove treatment from relocation service providers. A low-stress relocation offers:

  • A faster return to productivity
  • Greater employee retention
  • Easier recruitment of future talent when you can show that your relocation benefits packages are tops in your industry.

Moving a Top Executive

CapRelo recently managed the move for a high-level executive at a fast-growing Rockville, Maryland-based pharmaceutical firm. Thanks to our non-exclusive supply chain of relocation service providers, and the hands-on relocation management talents of CapRelo Account Manager Chris Finckle, we not only moved the executive in record time, but created a positive experience that will help the firms future recruiting of top executives.

This executive expected perfection and he said that to me when we began the process,” Finckle recalled.

Finckle was on site throughout, managing the moving staff, cleaning crew and interior decorators. CapRelo used JK Moving to provide the best moving staff available, and had the executive out of temporary housing and into his new location 45 minutes ahead of the deadline on a Saturday afternoon, avoiding paying the moving crews overtime and giving the executive and his wife time to relax when the move was done.

That's one of the true benefits to low-stress relocation through CapRelo and our partners.