Published on May 11, 2011

V  CRS KristinS Blog Posts Blog Photos office move resized 600An office move is never easy, but having an office move checklist, whether you keep it in digital format or in a hard copy version, can help.

An office move checklist can be comprehensive, listing everything from issuing employee transfer letters to printing new business cards, changing your signage, and having your IT department establish the network in the new location. To keep things manageable, this office move checklist will focus on the actual logistics of moving your office and all its equipment.

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Office Move Tips

Treat an office move similar to a home goods move, where you or your moving company packs everything in boxes, labeled by room (office).

Now is also a good time for a pre-move purge. Has the office coffee pot seen better days? Toss it and spring for a new one in the new location.

Keep a careful inventory of everything in the office, paying close attention to items like office supplies, which can easily “disappear” in a move, and those little costs can add up when you reach your destination.

Here are some office move tips during the early stages of an office move. 

  • Order boxes, crates and packing materials, including labels and markers

  • Issue packing assignments to employees, including common areas like kitchen, filing cabinets, etc. Pay attention to security clearance for certain files, etc.

  • Instruct IT staff of their duties, including system back-ups, documenting network login information, etc.

  • Arrange for dis-assembly and re-assembly of furniture
  • Pack up all office equipment, furniture, supplies, etc. and place in boxes labeled based on their locations in the new corporate offices, where the layout may be slightly different. 

  • Check moving restrictions for the building and plan moving day. Will all employees be involved?
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