Published on May 06, 2011

One of your company's biggest expenses when it comes to relocating employees could be home relocation costs. It's not easy to sell a home in today's market, and employers often wind up absorbing costs associated with the sale of employees' homes. Some of these home relocation costs may include: 

  • Loss-on-sale programs

  • Bonus incentives for quick sales

  • Costs for home staging and other techniques designed to help a home sell faster, at a higher price

  • Temporary living solutions

A full-service relocation service company like CapRelo can help you create programs within your budget that will make the home sale and relocation process low-stress for employees, maximizing employee satisfaction, retention, and a faster return to full productivity. 

Non-Exclusive Supply Chain Partners Reduce Home Relocation Costs

 CapRelo’s non-exclusive supply chain partners in your area provide the best fit and best value to transferees and clients. These providers include real estate agencies and home staging companies that know how to maximize the selling price of your employee's homes. This minimizes loss-on-sale reimbursements and keeps relocating employees happy. 

You can even tie in home sale bonus incentives related to a quick sale with these services. If employees agree to use the relocation company's supply chain partners, they may earn incentives for a faster sale of their home, while also receiving the highest selling price. 

Tracking and Reducing  Relocation Costs

Benchmarking Keeps Home Relocation Costs Low 

 Another service we bring to the process is benchmarking procedures based on our many years of experience with companies similar to yours. After every stage of relocation, we evaluate and refine the process based on the results. This is all part of the Low-Stress Relocation Process you can expect when you count on CapRelo.