Published on March 25, 2011

The decision to relocate your company's corporate offices, manufacturing facilities, and overall operations is not one to be taken lightly. Relocation expenses should be factored into the decision. There are many reasons companies move, including: 

  • a need for more space 
  • losing your lease 
  • seeking a larger talent pool 
  • being closer to the right customer base for your products or services 
  • a better economic climate in the new location 
  • relocating to an area with a lower cost of living and doing business 

Let's consider that last factor as a key reason for corporate relocation. You'll want to consider all the relocation expenses in the short term and how quickly you will recoup those costs. It's also important to look at your company's overall cash flow—can you afford the move right now without significant cutbacks in other areas? If you need to enter a brief period of negative cash flow, are you willing to make that sacrifice? (And, if you're a publicly traded company, are your stockholders?) 

Here are some corporate relocation expenses to weigh against the difference in the cost of doing business and the eventual increase in profitability. 

  • Physical moves of employees and their household goods 
  • Potential loss-on-sale programs or other incentives for real estate sales 
  • Temporary living for relocating employees 
  • Costs of setting up utilities and infrastructure, etc. in the new location 
  • Down payments, closing costs or deposits on property in new location 
  • Loss of productivity during the move and in the period following the relocation 

Through CapRelo's supply chain of service provider partners, we can line up the best prices and highest quality service for your corporate relocation. Our Low-Stress Relocation Process (LSRP) ensures a faster return to productivity for your C-level executives and all employees, meaning you can return to full profitability and take advantage of the superior business climate in your new location even faster! Give us a call and we'll help you determine just what you can expect.