Published on January 31, 2011

lifestyle-apartments.jpgAs you know from reading this blog, executive relocation services and relocation management companies like CapRelo provide a wide range of business relocation services, including the sale and purchase of real estate. 

But what if, for whatever reason, it is more cost-effective and expedient to set up temporary housing for your employees? There are a number of reasons employees may prefer temporary housing for a stay that will be longer than one month but less than a year. 

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Why Temporary Housing?

Let's look at some of the reasons temporary housing may be part of the executive relocation services you need. 

  • A trailing spouse cannot yet move due to employment commitments or school and the cost of maintaining two homes would place a financial burden on your company or your employee. 
  • The employee's home is slow to sell, and, again, two homes are not in anyone's budget.  
  • The employee has not yet found a house he likes in the new location. 
  • The assignment is only temporary and does not require a real estate purchase.  
  • The employee is still considering different areas within commuting distance of the new office and wants to get to know the region better before making a home purchase. 
  • The employee is waiting for the right deal on a new home. 

Whether to assist a transferee with a home purchase right away or set up temporary housing is just one of the many questions you must answer when spearheading a corporate relocation. Executive relocation services can help you with the right answer for any situation, as well as helping employees find temporary housing and move in. 


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