Published on October 11, 2010

The cost to outsource international relocation services through a relocation management company is very small within the grand scheme of an international relocation. The largest cost related to international relocation are relocation benefits, including:

  • The cost of the move
  • Home sales and purchases (including loss-on-sale compensation and other benefits)
  • Relocation bonus packages and incentives
  • Scouting trips to the new destination

International Relocation Services Cost Less Than You Think

The cost for outsourcing international relocation services with a relocation management company is actually the second smallest expense related to an international relocation. If you're curious, the smallest expense is exceptions made for employees during relocation.

However, a relocation management company can even help you cut costs and save money in this area with benchmark policies and best practices set in place that can minimize exceptions, foresee many “emergency” expenses and standardize international relocation benefits packages for employees.

By negotiating fair international relocation packages for employees, finding the best prices and reliable service for all international relocation services (including moving, air travel, and pet and car transport, etc.) and minimizing downtime after an international relocation, a relocation management company can save you thousands of dollars per employee.

In addition, by outsourcing international relocation services, you save your HR staff time and stress, so they can focus on their own areas of expertise.
When you consider the question: “Can I afford to outsource my international relocation services?” you just might find that you can't afford not to.