Published on July 15, 2011

Do you have difficulties recruiting top talent in your field? Do you often feel as if you are reinventing the wheel every time you enter negotiations with a potential employee? Is the talent pool in your region thin? Do you have too many competitors vying for the best employees?

These are just a few of the challenges that rapid-growth industries like healthcare, biotechnology, and alternative energies face. And every business owner knows that the right people in your company provide the greatest opportunities for success.

How to Evaluate Your Relocation Policy

If you're having trouble recruiting top talent, your relocation policy may be, in part, to blame. You may even have suspicions that your competitors offer better relocation packages, but you're not sure how to address the issue. Or maybe you just want to see how you stack up in that field against you're competitors.

This was the case for Human Genome Services, a fast-growing biotechnology firm in Rockville, Maryland. The company wanted to see exactly how it was doing in terms of recruiting, and possibly pinpoint areas of improvement.

After signing CapRelo to provide relocation services, the company requested benchmarking studies to see just how its relocation policy measured against a similar company.

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CapRelo provided policy reviews, sample policies, and benchmarking standards that will permit HGS to modify its policies to recruit talent more easily as the company grows. “With this information, we can see how we eventually need to evolve,” said HGS Senior Strategic Staffing Specialist Melissa Horn.