Published on August 08, 2011

When you're shopping for employee relocation companies, there are multiple ways you can judge a company. But one of the most important is how a relocation management company treats its clients. You can gauge this in a number of ways.

Culture of Service in an Employee Relocation Company

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1. Do the employees communicate well with each other? How the employees of a corporate relocation company treat each other tells you how they will treat you. When you meet with company representatives and they make their pitch, look for synergy between employees, which indicates the lines of communication are always open.

2. Are representatives creative, passionate and enthusiastic? These traits are hard to fake. A team of corporate relocation specialists who love what they do -- starting at the top and moving down the command chain -- will treat every relocation with the attention it deserves. Creative thinking will help your employee relocation company predict problems, solve them before you even discover there was an issue, and come up with unique ways to meet your company's biggest relocation challenges.

3. Do they understand your company's unique corporate culture and needs? The biggest compliment CapRelo ever received was when a prospect said our team understood their company better than their current relocation service provider does. Expect relocation management companies to do their homework to better serve you -- if not before they get the contract, then shortly after.

4. Are they willing to provide references? If you want to find out how employee relocation companies treat their biggest clients, ask those clients. Read between the lines: Is praise specific and verifiable or are the references tight-lipped when you ask targeted questions?

So much of your business success is riding on your ability to recruit and retain top talent. Isn't it worth hiring the best in employee relocation companies?