Published on August 19, 2011

Relocation management companies are in a competitive industry, providing extensive choices to interested parties. It's easy to find a relocation management company that will handle all aspects of your corporate relocation services, understands finance issues like tax gross-up, and has processes in place to assess the effectiveness of your employee relocation packages.

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What it's not so easy to find is a relocation management company that takes the time to understand your unique corporate culture and delivers service above and beyond what's expected. CapRelo has the means, drive and desire to do just that. Here are just three ways CapRelo delivers service beyond the ordinary.

Non-exclusive supply chain partners - Through our non-exclusive supply chain partners in the mortgage, real estate and household goods moving industries (to name just a few) we're poised to provide top-level service through every phase of relocation. Not every relocation management company can say that.

CapViews software - Our exclusive CapViews software connects HR managers with their CapRelo relocation specialists any time, anywhere. Hosted in the cloud, the software gives HR managers and relocating employees instant, real-time access to all the pertinent information related to their relocation.

Employees who care about your successful relocation - CapRelo's culture of service means we have a very low turn-over rate, so you can count on the same personnel managing your corporate relocations.

CapRelo is a fun, creative place to work, which means we attract top talent in our field to get the job done for our customers. Most importantly, we've made it our business to fully understand the needs of relocating employees in order to deliver more value with every service we offer.