Published on August 24, 2011

Richter Consulting, Inc. recently published an article regarding some of the reasons for -- and risks of -- business relocation. The article also shared three ways companies can minimize the financial and cultural risks of a move. They just happen to be some of the core values that CapRelo brings to our business relocation services.

1. Planning
- Corporate HR staffs are often too busy to coordinate aspects of relocation like employee home sales, HHG moving, and relocating personnel and their families. CapRelo not only manages this side of your group move, we'll manage your company's move from one location to another to get you back up and running as quickly as possible, with as little stress as possible.
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2. Timing - Timing is always crucial in business, but during a group move it can mean the difference between a successful relocation and the collapse of a business. (It's scary, but it's true.) Many aspects of a group move are dependent upon each other. CapRelo will manage the timing of your corporate relocation to get you back to full productivity before any of your vendors or customers realize you were gone.

3. Communication - Close communication can keep rumors at bay and help maintain company morale. Who's going, who's staying, and how much their corporate relocation package is worth are just a few of the questions employees may ask. Having the right processes and procedures in place so that everyone receives a fair relocation deal is critical to retaining top talent.