Published on September 13, 2011

It’s easy to come to the conclusion that these days, there are far less people willing to relocate for business than ever before. But the fact is, relocation is something that’s always been a bit tough to sell on employees. People like to be “at home.” And if they’ve got school-aged kids, staying put is even more important to them. But what about the fence-sitters? Is there any way that an employee relocation company can help to sway them?

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Fence-sitters can best be described as that entire segment of your workforce that would snap up the opportunity to relocate if they didn’t think the transition was going to be hard on them. One of the key driving factors behind that is the fear that they’ll dislike their new home with a passion reserved for ex-spouses and least favorite sports teams. There is one way that this worry can be eliminated from the equation – by arranging for temporary living through an employee relocation company instead of trying to nail down a permanent housing situation ahead of time. This accomplishes two critical things:

- It gives the transferred employee the ability to “test drive” their new surroundings and seek out a more agreeable environment if they don’t like what they’ve gotten themselves into. This freedom has an immensely beneficial psychological impact.
- That positive psychological impact lends itself to an “easing in” to their new surroundings.

Without those physical and emotional cushions that employee relocation companies can deliver, many potentially lucrative relocation opportunities would unfortunately be met with no-thank-yous from your key employees.