Published on September 22, 2011

It's hard to achieve 100% in anything. For baseball players, getting on base 33% of the time makes them excellent in their field. But relocation isn't baseball. If you want to manage hidden corporate relocation costs and achieve a successful group move, retaining 33% of your employees just isn't enough. How can you improve your retention average with a better corporate relocation policy?

Address Key Employees' Biggest Concerns

Prior to a move, it's important to ascertain your key employees' biggest concerns about relocation. Are they worried about how aging parents will make the transition? Focused on finding the best schools for their kids? Apprehensive about whether or not their spouse will be able to find a job? Or the big one: selling their home in today's real estate market. These are just some of the worries relocating employees face.

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“Just Ask”

If you're planning a group move, you'll want to address your key employees' biggest concerns prior to the move. If you're not sure what's most important to your employees, there's an easy way to find out: Ask them. Once you know the questions your employees considering relocation will ask, you'll be able to provide the answers that will help sway their decision to move.

Group Moves Are Still “Human” Moves

A group move or other corporate relocation is a huge undertaking, but at the heart of any company relocation policy is one objective: keeping people happy so they stay with your company and get back to work faster, with their minds on their jobs and not the move.

At CapRelo, we understand people. If you need help with the process of surveying your employees and convincing them that your new location is not only a great place to live and work, but an area where employees and their families will thrive, we can help.

We can structure a corporate relocation package that addresses your employees' key arguments against moving, whether those arguments involve home sales, logistics or quality of life. If you're stressed about the prospect of relocation and need a new corporate relocation policy to ease your worries, we can help.

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