Published on October 10, 2011

The corporate relocation company is a blessing to businesses and employees alike. They provide a necessary service for the continuity of business and the reduction of stress in work-related moves, but that’s not the only place corporate relocation companies provide value. They also bring invaluable peace of mind that, despite everyone’s best efforts, would otherwise degenerate into panic and chaos in their absence. But the one thing they can’t do for you is break the news to your family that you’re all moving away.

If relocating, talk to your family firstIf you’re married with children, this can be one of the most difficult conversations to have with your family – but it’s important to inform them first before you’ve informed anyone else. Can you imagine what it would be like for your spouse to find out about your plans to move halfway across the country by accidentally intercepting a call from a corporate relocation company? No, that won’t go over very well.

Here are five tips on how to have this difficult yet necessary conversation with your family.

  1. Set aside some time to sit down for a family discussion even before you’ve accepted the relocation opportunity. It’s important that every member of your family have fair warning if a relocation to new surroundings is a possibility. Above all, your children have to be given the most time to adjust to the idea. Don’t hide it from them for fear it’ll damage them. This approach can backfire.
  2. Once the idea has been floated, work on trying to get your family excited about the move. Focus on the positive aspects of a relocation, not just for yourself but for every member of your family. Introduce your children to their potential “new home” by showing them photographs, getting online and looking up fun and interesting facts about their future home. It’s never a bad idea to point out fun and interesting places that’ll capture their attention, like amusement parks, sporting events and arenas, and the like.
  3. Do plenty of research on the city where you intend to relocate. When you talk to a representative of the corporate relocation company, ask them to provide you with additional information about the city in which you’ll be taking up residence to help familiarize yourself and your family. Through the corporate relocation company’s considerable resources, they’ll be able to provide you with information on almost everything you'll need to help sell your family on the idea of relocation.
  4. Promise your children that they’ll be able to come back and visit their friends, if it's a possibility. This will ease any separation anxiety that may take hold.
  5. If there’s enough time during the planning stages of your relocation, consider taking a short trip to the city where you’ll be relocated, and bring the family with you. Giving them a brief introduction to the place they’ll soon call home will make dealing with moving to a totally new environment far easier on them, especially if the trip drums up their enthusiasm. Visit points of interest like schools they will be attending and neighborhoods and parks they will become familiar with to help “sell” them on the idea.
By taking these careful steps you might be surprised to discover that your children have become far more excited about the move than you thought they were!