Published on April 21, 2016

Tiered Relocation AgreementMany companies view a tiered corporate relocation policy as more work. It's true that your HR staff will have to take the time, and may enlist the help of a corporate relocation management company, to establish fair and appropriate tiers based on employee salaries or job levels and set the benefits offered in a corporate relocation package within each tier. But once that's done, a tiered policy actually decreases the work required by the HR staff or corporate relocation management firm.

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3 Ways Tiered Relocation Polices Can Make Relocation Easier

Here are some ways a tiered corporate relocation policy makes individual relocation or group moves easier.

  1. Eliminate the need to negotiate every employee relocation package individually and/or reduce exceptions to your policy. If you don't have a corporate relocation policy at all, you'll find yourself reinventing the wheel with every employee relocation. Having a one-size-fits-all policy is better than having none, but you may be faced with so many exceptions to the policy, it's like creating a new policy every time you relocate an employee.

  2. Reduce resentment (or lawsuits) when employees discover differences in relocation packages. (And they will!) Remember, in the corporate world, nothing stays secret for long. When employees find out about exceptions made in corporate relocation policies, they'll resent their co-workers who negotiated a better package. If you upset the wrong employee and the exceptions can't be justified, you might even face a lawsuit, along with a drop in company morale and a sense of distrust amongst employees.

  3. Improve your retention rate for relocating employees. Faced with the above scenarios, you have a few choices if you want to keep good employees with a relocation package that gives them what they need. A tiered relocation policy where the tiers are clearly defined based on employee levels or salary sets the standard and reduces exceptions. Like a good employee handbook, it makes the process more cut-and-dry, and permits you to keep more employees happy with less work in the long run. That doesn't mean a tiered policy will completely eliminate exceptions to your corporate relocation policy, but it helps.

Save Time & Money Using Tiered Relocation Packages