Published on October 20, 2011

Your company is opening a new sales division in Portugal. Several members of the sales team are being relocated to the new office. As an HR director, this falls on to your “to-do” list. Actually, it becomes THE to-do list. Feeling overwhelmed yet? Probably, and it’s just getting started!

Smooth Sailing Corporate RelocationThis is where savvy company owners and HR departments learn the value of contacting a full-service relocation services company. They are the pros, so they know the relocation process for transferring employees is more than getting all the legal and HR ducks in a row.

Why Use a Corporate Relocation Company?

Maybe you’ve contracted with some good people in the past. Why not locate your own service providers and keep costs down? Well, if you value efficiency and utilizing professional services with a high cost-benefit ratio, it just makes good sense to hire a “total package.” Think about the time alone that you would invest in finding, hiring and managing the number of providers and suppliers required for a relocation project of this size!

What Services are Included?

As you know, an international relocation is more complex than a domestic transfer. Because of that complexity, you’ll have more details to check off your list. And many of them may not even have occurred to you. So when you choose a comprehensive corporate relocation company, you’ll get the following services:

• Assignment Services – Remember when it was a hassle to get a passport? Well, imagine the research involved in helping an employee acquire a Visa, work permit or even citizenship. The relocation service company can make this so much more manageable with technology tools that check things like the country’s immigration programs.
• Language and Cross-Cultural Training – When you travel for pleasure, it takes a while to acclimate to a new country’s language, culture and customs. But it’s a leisure trip, so you’re not reporting to a new job on Monday morning. Factor in an employee adjusting to a new worksite in a foreign country, and you begin to see the intricacies. A company that utilizes reliable contacts around the world makes this easier for all involved.
• Destination Services – Don’t forget the employee’s partner and family. This is a tough transition on them, too. Quality-of-life questions are a real concern for that relocating family. Will the neighborhood be nice? How about the cost of living in the new country? Using local service providers helps keep a handle on these aspects of the move.
• Home Sale/Purchase – We all know the stress that goes with selling a home in this uncertain economy. If the employee is in another country, worrying about the home sale situation can be a major distraction from work. You want to do everything you can to help with a smooth transition to get your employee back in productivity mode. If the employee opts to rent out their home, property management services are also a good option.
• Moving a Household – Talk about stress! Moving is up there as one of the most stressful life events – even when it’s a positive, exciting opportunity. A full-service relocation company can handle that aspect of the relocation process and work with trusted suppliers to get the household goods moved and the employee settled in.

These are just some of the array of services that a professional relocation company can provide. As a fellow professional, you can appreciate how an efficient, reliable and experienced company can make this a much easier process. So hand off your relocation check list to the pros. Not just to assist your transferring employee; you’ll sleep better, too.