Published on October 21, 2011

Relocation ManagementIf you’ve chosen the best relocation package for your company, in addition to covering all the different facets of relocation, you’re also gaining the services of a skilled “oversight committee.” You might think of the key overseer as a project manager – and relocation of your employees is their top project.

Orchestrating the Relocation Package

One of the many reasons it makes sense to hire a professional relocation company like CapRelo is they’ve considered every factor and detail that can arise during your relocation. Even if you have designated relocation personnel in your company’s HR department, an effective, expedient relocation takes a talented, focused team of pros. And because relocation is our only business, we have the knowledge and ability to make yours a priority.

CapRelo’s patented Low-Stress Relocation Process™ is designed to do just that – lower the stress and anxiety of an often-disruptive process. By handing the reins over to the pros, everyone in your company, especially the relocating employee, can focus on the key areas of adjustment and gearing up to full productivity.

Oversight and Expense Management

Relocation is a sizable dollar allocation for companies and CapRelo stays on top of keeping the relocation costs manageable. By accounting for every conceivable financial component, there are no nasty surprises or run-away costs.

That cost containment is also realized when the relocation company utilizes other key people like realtors, tax accountants, and travel and moving experts. Because they are pros, they can give accurate estimates for the costs in their area of expertise.

So, it makes sense to take an “all-inclusive” approach to your company’s relocation process by hiring a professional relocation company to oversee all aspects of relocation.