Published on October 25, 2011

We know there’s a logistical side of relocation, but we’re also aware of the more intrinsic aspects of a big move – the potential stress, reorientation and adjustment that an employee and their family will be facing. This can be a very complex part of relocation, especially for an employee transfer to another country.

International RelocationInternational relocation can heighten all of those less tangible, often emotional aspects because there are so many more unknowns than with a cross-county relocation. That’s where CapRelo’s professional expertise and level of service can be a great assist in an international transfer.

Getting Settled and Acclimating

Destination Services is just one of many in our array of full-service relocation components. By contracting with local international service providers, CapRelo guarantees that your employee gets the hands-on support required to adapt to a new country, culture, language and work location.

A “trailing spouse” is one of the biggest concerns for a relocation company. An employee is most productive after an international relocation knowing their partner and family are comfortable and acclimating. When a partner, especially one with a career relocates with the employee, their overall attitude is critical. CapRelo addresses that with Destination Services and more wrap-around levels of service.


New Call-to-action

If the accompanying partner is game to try a new career after an international relocation, this article in’s blog can be helpful. Several jobs are suggested, including teaching a language, becoming an expat real estate agent or even starting an import/export company.

With CapRelo’s service and support, think of your international relocation as the start of a new adventure!