Published on December 07, 2011

For most companies, employee relocation management can be an overwhelming task without the intervention of a third party service to orchestrate it all. But even more overwhelming is the rollercoaster ride of emotions that an employee can feel when faced with the prospect of living and working in an entirely new environment.

tasks an employee should do before relocationFor this reason, it’s important that the employee takes steps on their own to ensure a smooth transition, including the following:

Step 1: Ask the employee relocation management company about the city to which they’re being relocated, including demographic information, crime statistics, and cost of living.

Step 2: Perform research on their own time by visiting websites, reading online articles, and utilizing social media outlets to become familiar with the place they’ll soon call home.

Step 3: Pay a personal visit to the city they will be relocating to on their own dime. This might not be affordable for everyone, but if it’s within the realm of possibility to actually plan a brief vacation to their target city, this could help eliminate much of the impending stress by at least giving the employee a frame of reference and set realistic expectations.