Published on December 28, 2011

If your company is planning a group move, it may not happen if you can't get key executive personnel on board. A company like CapRelo that specializes in Executive Relocation Services has the knowledge, bandwidth, and resources to not only understand, but meet, the needs of top executives during a move.
In our years of offering executive relocation assistance, here are some needs we've identified.

Communication - Top level executives are used to being kept in the loop on relevant matters. Business relocation companies have an obligation to use all the means available, including technology and the internet, to maintain open lines of communication and to keep relocating employees apprised of all aspects of their relocation.

White glove service - From five-star restaurants to first-class flights, C-level executives expect the best service -- and usually receive it. Your choice in business relocation companies should be able to provide that same level of customized, white-glove service to your top talent.

Home Sale Assistance
- In today's real estate market, it's even harder to move more expensive homes, such as houses over half-a-million or more. Many luxury homes have plummeted in price, leaving C-level executives to sell at a loss or turn down your offer of relocation.

Buyer Value Option programs, loss-on-sale benefits and other home sales assistance, including lining up the best companies in real estate and home staging -- can mean the difference between losing or retaining a top performer in your company.

If you're not providing these services to your top relocating employees, your company may not have the retention rate you need to thrive and maintain business continuity. Why not give CapRelo a call for executive relocation assistance?
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