Published on June 05, 2012

Relocating for a career opportunity can be stressful and that stress only increases when family considerations are involved. However, many companies attempt to mitigate that stress by offering their employees relocation packages. That can reduce the worries the employee and his or her family has to face, because most of the specifics of the move will be handled by a relocation company.

To some extent, the relocation policies of a business will be dictated by what is offered by the relocation company with which that business works. The goal is to find the best relocation company to meet the needs of the employer and the employees. In order to do that, an employer must carefully consider what his or her employees will require when relocating and how much money he or she wants to pay for those services.

Employers should consider:

  • What kind of housing the employee will be moving to
  • How often employees will be relocated
  • The distance of the average employee relocation
  • The budget for relocation
  • What products different relocation services offer
  • What kind of relationship can developed with the relocation service, from a long-term standpoint

Some employers are very open to talking with their current employees about what those employees need and want if they were asked to relocate. Armed with this information, the employer can make a better choice of relocation service options. However, this does not address how future new hire employees may feel about the offered relocation package.

Additionally, some businesses have a "take it or leave it" approach to the relocation packages they offer to their employees. In those situations , discussing what the company might want to offer is not something that employees could expect.
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Regardless of how a business chooses to handle its relocation relationship with its employees, the business can work with the relocation service it has selected in order to provide the highest level of service to the employees who will be asked to relocate. Whether those employees must move to the next town or across the world, having an employer who is willing to provide them with a relocation package will ease their worries and fears about taking themselves and their family to an unfamiliar place.