Published on June 06, 2012

Editor’s note: We believe the success of CapRelo can be credited to our incredible team. Over the next few months we will introduce some members of our team. Today, we would like to introduce Carol Blair.

Carol Blair, Senior Relocation Consultant

Carol Blair, Senior Relocation Consultant, is affectionately known as “The Gatekeeper” after 15 years at our Bentonville, Arkansas office. She is responsible for reviewing all authorizations, uploading all pertinent information into CapViews™, and assigning a dedicated consultant to assist a relocating employee (also known as the transferee), which is all part of a Low Stress Relocation.

Carol says the most important thing she has learned throughout her time at CapRelo is recognizing that everyone is part of a team. To her, one of the perks of her job is getting to work with the different people within different Human Resources departments, and working on employee relocations. The daily interactions put a smile on her face and make her job enjoyable.

Carol maintains an even balance between being a relocation expert and her personal life. While she enjoys spending time outdoors gardening and doing yard work, her true love is reading, writing, and editing. She is a self-professed wordsmith and enjoys putting her literary talents to good use.

After 14 years of firsthand experience and willingness to continue learning and growing, Carol will do everything to make sure the relocation is as stress free as possible.