Published on July 12, 2012

Editor’s note: We believe the success of CapRelo can be credited to our incredible team. Over the next few months we will introduce some members of our team. Today, we would like to introduce Shirley Harkey.


Shirley Harkey, Corporate Team Lead, works with CapRelo’s Corporate Relocation Counselors, managing the transferring employees’ relocation process. She helps resolve any issues that might occur during the relocation between the transferee and his or her company.  Shirley also shares any changes in CapRelo operations so the relocation counselor, transferee, and the company are all on the same page, making a seamless relocation for the transferee.

Shirley thoroughly enjoys working in her chosen industry, but she’s especially happy to be working as part of the CapRelo team. Shirley says, “my coworkers made me feel very welcome and part of the team right from the start. On another job I once held, I sat in my cube for three weeks before anyone stopped by to say ‘hello.’ The people [at CapRelo] are always friendly and ready to answer questions.”

Under that wholesome exterior is a spunky attitude full of fun and mischief. Shirley showed her true colors during CapRelo’s Halloween party this past October, frolicking around in her pink bejeweled dress and talking with an accent oozing southern charm. She introduced herself as Madame Lucinda, formerly of the House of the Red Silk Slipper in New Orleans.

Shirley is very talented at what she does and with her expertise and experience of working with the Relocation Counselors, we can assure you that she  does everything possible to make a transferring employee’s  relocation as low-stress as possible.