Published on November 20, 2012

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As challenging as a corporate relocation may be for company owners and the HR staff, it's just as tough for employees. Focusing on doing a job in a new location while managing moving stress and settling into a new home is a lot to put on anyone’s plate.

Your relocation firm should have done a good job during scouting trips of showing relocating employees around the city or town and spotlighting the best aspects, from local shopping to the best restaurants. But employees may still be overwhelmed prior to a move, and scouting trips give employees a lot to take in during just a few days.

One key to a low-stress relocation is helping employees get comfortable in their new neighborhood.  Short of helping your employees unpack, here are five ways you can help:

1. Introduce them to other professionals.

Chances are, as a leader in your company, you've already scoped out the networking organizations and professional events. Invite your top talent to a fun event and introduce them to people you think they'd like.

2. Be flexible about time-off requests.

In dual-income families, someone has to stay home and wait for the cable guy. Offer flex-time, a few extra days off, or work-at-home days to recently relocated employees to make the post-move period less stressful. They'll return to full productivity faster and be happier during the transition. 

3. Organize an office lunch at a local restaurant.

Rather than telling your employees about the best places in town to eat, take them there. Or have the best pizza or Chinese food place deliver a mid-day feast...along with a stack of menus to hand out.

4. Treat employees and their spouses to a night out.

Relocating employees are often busy with unpacking and home decorating, but few would say “no” to box seats at a sporting event or an evening at one of the city's most exciting tourist attractions. A gesture like this costs just a small fraction of the total relocation budget and will foster good morale companywide.

5. Be there to answer questions.

The most important thing you can do as an employer following a corporate relocation is to let employees know you understand their situation and are here to help. A corporate relocation firm can work with your employees following their move to help them settle in, but there's nothing like a boss with an open-door policy to help create a stress-free work environment.

Even if your relocation company is conducting post-move interviews, check in with employees personally to see if they have any questions or concerns—about the moving process, the new office, their new neighborhood or even where to find the best Thai food in town. You might find that your employees can provide a wealth of information to help you settle in, too.