Published on April 30, 2013

Home for SaleExecutive relocation is a delicate issue. Transferees and their families who relocate to a new area typically endure stress that unaddressed can affect executive future performance. Does your relocation policy target reducing this stress level?

Providing valuable destination services should be an important feature of your executive relocation program. Whether your HR department or a top professional relocation firm has responsibility to implement your destination services, including important destination assistance is critical to a successful executive relocation.

Although finding an acceptable new home and neighborhood weigh heavily on the minds of executives and their families, other transferee destination concerns also need to be addressed in your relocation policy. Destination services features should include the following:

  • Home finding assistance from experienced relocation real estate agents

  • Orientation information and tours

  • Settling-in services for the executive and family

  • Assistance with personal matters such as moving pets safely

Competitive and cost-effective executive relocation programs should include these destination services. The cost of these services will pay for themselves many times over in the near and long-term future.

House Hunting Help

Finding the right home often pervades transferred executives’ thoughts. When the transferee has a spouse and/or children, finding a home in a compressed time frame is a real concern.

Relocation programs that assist executives with current home sales or lease issues mean that finding a new home and neighborhood takes center stage for the transferees. Paid house hunting trips (often, two are necessary) are critical components of destination services programs.

The best method of providing home finding assistance: Use a proven real estate professional with relocation experience to help the executive. Although unreasonable to expect your HR staff to be experts in or have relationships with such veteran agents at distant locations, top relocation firms have relationships with relocation-tested agents in the transferee’s new location.  These agents perform multiple services to maximize the moving experience, such as:

  • Learning executive preferences for house types, price ranges and features of desirable neighborhoods.
    These real estate agents have in-depth knowledge of high-end executive homes and the best executive neighborhoods.

  • Setting multiple appointments to view properties that meet the executive’s desires.
    Top performing executives put great value on focus and efficiency. Your relocation program also should emphasize these values. Seasoned real estate agents will only set appointments to see homes the executive may find acceptable.

  • Emphasizing and managing the time constraints with house hunting trips.
    House hunting trips are time-constrained and involve extensive “to do” lists. Relocation-tested real estate agents understand these pressures and design home finding appointments and orientation tours that maximize use of available time.

  • Explaining the features and benefits of homes and neighborhoods selected per the executive’s preferences.
    Outlining the components of the homes and neighborhoods selected is a useful, comforting destination service the real estate professional provides. If your relocation program permits more than one home finding trip, the executive and family can discuss these features and benefits in advance of their second trip, which should lead to a satisfying home purchase or lease decision.

  • Providing an orientation tour for the transferring family.
    Although working within the available time, the seasoned agent will orchestrate a meaningful orientation tour of area schools, neighborhoods, medical and recreation facilities and points of interest.

The importance of these critical destination services cannot be over-estimated. The magnitude of the executive’s decisions on a new family home and neighborhood will complement or detract from the satisfaction of the relocation.

Relocation programs with liberal destination services provided by experienced professionals are highly competitive, attracting and keeping the best executives available. Your relocation policy will be well-respected in the market, as will your company, by offering these professional, stress-reducing destination services.

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