Published on May 08, 2013

Important features of destination services in executive relocation programs should include helping transferees “settle in” to their new homes, neighborhoods and jobs. Effective relocation policies also include offering assistance with personal concerns with the move.

Moving Box

Settling In Services

Even the most seasoned travelers face challenges and uncertainties when moving to a new location. Settling into a hotel room or resort is easy compared to feeling comfortable in a new home, condo or apartment that is now your residence. Your executive relocation program should include features that help smooth this process.

Executive relocating employees are expected to show up ready to make strategic decisions, with a full plate of objectives and responsibilities. Even seemingly mundane tasks covered by your relocation program destination services are highly appreciated by transferred executive families.  Does your program assist with these described below? 

  • Unpacking moving boxes.
    Even clearly marked moving boxes can pose mysterious location challenges to relocating families. Should the mystery be minor, these boxes still need unpacking and the items therein must be put away or placed in their proper destination. Executive families facing this tedious moving process necessity strongly appreciate relocation programs that include unpacking services.

  • House cleaning and brightening.
    Whether brand new or previously-owned, even high valued real estate can use a cleaning that also includes a brightening service to help the executive and family settle in to their new residence quickly and comfortably.

  • Organizing cabinets and closets.
    Kitchen cabinet and closet organizing help is a required job. If your program includes help with this daunting project, your executive will be most appreciative and your valued executive’s family may be even more grateful.

  • Washing dishes, pots, pans and utensils.
    Even if the new home is all that your executive desires, most families want to wash their dishes, utensils, pots and pans after these vital items have been encased in packing boxes. Offering this service is low-cost and appropriate for helping your executive and family to settle into their new home.

  • Interior decorator advice and assistance.
    Whether your transferred executive comes from an “Architectural Digest” home or more modest accommodations, offering interior decorator advice will help address important settling in concerns. Often, suggestions such as where to place furniture or how to solve traffic patterns are all that is needed.

Personal Relocation Issues

Personal assistance with direct and more indirect relocation issues is vital to competitive executive relocation policies. Does your program provide for these?

  • Safely transporting family, pets and personal goods.

  • Organizing and packing household items before the move.

  • Learning about the new location features and attractions.

  • Safeguarding expensive or irreplaceable items, such as art, antiques or special-meaning personal items that cannot be replaced at any price.

  • Introduction to reliable mortgage lenders, banks and credit unions.

Personal concerns of transferring executives can take a wide variety of incarnations. By definition, that which may seem insignificant to some may be of supreme importance to the transferee. Your relocating executives deserve respect and compassion from you as their employer while they engage in the stressful activity of relocating themselves and their family.

For example, an otherwise simple house hunting trip may require the executive to arrange pet or child care at the current or new location. Should your relocation program provide for pet or child care, at the old or new location, your executive feels more secure and comfortable knowing that the family’s pet and children have professional care, giving the transferee freedom from concern on the home finding trip.

Relocation program destination services that include this assistance often remove the stress and challenges involved in executive moves. Consider including these destination services in your relocation policy, as they are cost-effective and -controlled. The value, as compared to the cost, of this personal issue and settling in assistance is a winner for both the transferee and the company.

If your relocation program includes these executive level services, keep them. Should your executive relocation policy lack these benefits, consider adding them to your program. The cost will quickly become negligible as compared to the ramped-up performance of your valued transferred executives.
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