Published on March 12, 2020

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Compliance in an Automated World

Global companies need global talent, so global mobility will serve as an integral part
of any effective plan to meet growth and performance objectives.  



Technology advances 

Across the globe, advances in technology are enabling the automation of compliance processes. However, this leads to challenges in adhering to varied digital tax requirements across the globe, as tax and financial information tends to be distributed among multiple systems.  

Global compliance support 

CapRelo’s professionals possess all expertise required in the global mobility industry. This protects employers from having to invest in the acquisition of talent with this knowledge, which can be both challenging and expensive when one considers the level of expertise needed to manage compensation services for several different global locations.

As a result of enabling such automation, many companies must look to outsource their global compliance support in order to develop an approach aligned with both the organization’s business objectives and the shifting demands of the global business environment. By outsourcing to CapRelo, an organization will hand-over the responsibility associated with collecting, controlling, and reporting all the compensation data for employees on global assignments. Our role in assisting employers starts at the beginning of an assignment, thereby ensuring transparency for all parties as well as correct and complete documentation. Furthermore, we provide accurate, comprehensive administration and reporting that complies with all applicable regulations. 

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Global mobility programs are of particular interest due to the fact they impact several different functions: Human Resources, Finance, Tax, and Legalto name a few. Global companies need global talent, so global mobility will serve as an integral part of any effective plan to meet growth and performance objectives. Moving talent to and from different countries not only presents challenges in the form of language, culture, or even business etiquette; it also implies the imposition of great variances in both tax and immigration laws and regulations. 


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Topic leader bio

Phil Goodman is a Senior Director of Client Compensation Services who partners with domestic and multi-national companies taking on the challenges of a globally mobile workforce. After nearly ten years working in public accounting for KPMG LLP's Global Mobility Services tax practice, Phil understands the identification and mitigation of risk and compliance issues associated with businesses expanding their global presence. In 2012, Phil completed an international assignment in Singapore focused on policy structuring, vendor relations, assignment management and implementing cost-savings strategies.

Phil holds a Bachelor's degree in Economics from Binghamton University. 

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