Published on December 15, 2016

Thinking about changing your relocation program or just curious about what other organizations are doing? Each month, we'll feature a short survey and share our findings along with the next survey the following month. Below are the results for last month's survey and this month's survey questions.

November Survey Results

1. Does your company offer a lump-sum package for global relocations?

67% of respondents do provide lump-sum packages. 33 % do not or are unaware of the program parameters.

2. What type of lump sum relocation packages do you offer?

33% of repondents provide alternative (partial) lump sum. Another 33% provide managed lump sum. And 34% provide other types of packages.

3. What are your motivations for using a lump-sum program?

33% of respondents were motivated by cost control. 34% were motivated by ease of administration. The remaining respondents were unaware of their companies' motivations for choosing lump-sum packages. 


As the New Year approaches and companies start preparing records for the upcoming tax season, this month's survey focuses on relocation and taxes.  

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