As all businesses are impacted by the spread of the COVID-19 virus, we want to give an update on the steps CapRelo is taking to mitigate risk and to share protocols that our suppliers and clients are taking in response.

CapRelo has followed the lead of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and respective governmental agencies when recommending and implementing best practices.  This includes a ban on all non-essential travel, and mandating teleworking for all those able to do so.  Fortunately, CapRelo currently has a strong remote workforce and technology solutions; therefore, we anticipate no significant disruption to service fulfillment for our clients and their transferees.  For essential workers required within our facilities, we have increased our cleaning and sanitizing practices and are encouraging social distancing wherever possible.  This includes suspension of in-person meetings and restrictive access to our facilities by outside parties.

Our Move Management Team has incorporated a heightened awareness of the status and conditions of any homes we visit, including for surveys as well as household goods pickups and deliveries.  As nearly 50% of our surveys are actively conducted as virtual surveys, we anticipate little disruption for in-progress moves.  Should any of our deliveries be impacted by health concerns, we are working with clients to ensure appropriate arrangements, though this has not been an issue to date.

Globally, we are working with our supply chain partners to proactively address any potential service delays. We are keenly monitoring:

  • Household Goods Movers – to date, no movers have stopped services, however several are checking in with us daily to keep us updated on crew support for select high risk areas. If services stop to any location, we will let you know.
  • Rental Finding/Destination Services – we are noticing some hesitation for those individuals seeking rentals. This appears to be area-specific and cautionary versus a refusal to move.
  • U.S. Housing Market – no impact as of today. Rates are low and real estate continues to sell.
  • Temporary Housing – no change or impact on availability or vacancy. This may change and we are closely tracking housing contracts and any specific changes to circumstance.
  • Immigration – while no specific impact has been noted to date, travel bans may impact specific cases.  We are working with our partners to find solutions as the needs arise.

Across the majority of our industry verticals, corporate mobility clients are exercising a variety of precautions that include:

  • Non-essential travel bans in effect for all clients (no specific bans related to relocation)
  • Proceeding with current hires in queue; yet implementing temporary freezes for future hires – timelines vary between 30 days and week-to-week
  • Interviews and meetings are almost exclusively conducted by video or phone
  • Many clients are no longer authorizing outside visitors onsite
  • Establishing COVID-19 response teams consisting of representatives from multiple business functions
  • Global assignments are managed case-by-case while employees separated from family are delaying start date or temporarily telecommuting for concerns that returning to their home country will meet with added delays
  • Clients planning to extend relocation benefit periods for impacted transferees and assignees as appropriate
  • HR formally tracking travel of current employees and future new hires to identify potential need for self-quarantine (e.g., travel from level 2 or 3 CDC rated country, exposure to COVID-19)
  • Clients (especially in West and Northeast of the U.S.) are actively focusing efforts towards transitioning as many job functions as possible to telework status - others are actively preparing resources to support remote work as required
  • Clients are proactively notifying employees and CapRelo regarding changes in start date in order to minimize potential for cancellation or delay of expenses (temporary housing, household goods, travel, and the like)

The safety and care of our employees, clients and customers is our highest priority. As circumstances evolve, we will update and partner with our clients to ensure stress-free delivery of services to meet your business and employee needs.