Published on March 05, 2020

Global Mobility Matters-Turn Thought into Action

Turn Thought into Action— developing a global compensation strategy 

The Senior Director of Client Compensation Services for CapRelo combines global mobility insight with compensation planning and strategy skills for HR professionals and CapRelo clients alike. 



Digital footprint

As our digital footprints continue to grow, so does the risk and exposure associated with mobile workforces and global mobility programs. Employers are at the greatest risk, as they are the ones responsible for adhering to payroll reporting requirements. These requirements often vary extensively across different countries, so the timely delivery of accurate payroll information can be a monumental challenge for a global organization. 

Long-term savings

Organizations taking a proactive approach to compliance will—as a result—position themselves to better adapt to a changing environment. While the short-term costs related to the investments associated with these changes may be high, taking preemptive action will ultimately translate into long-term savings, diminished risk, and minimized exposure by eliminating noncompliance. 

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Join CapRelo’s compensation team on Tuesday, March 10th at 2:00 pm EST, as we present an exciting and timely discussion about global compensation that will bring you up-to-speed on industry best practices. We will explore why this is an integral area of focus for many companies and what strategies you can employ both now and in the future.  

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Topic leader bio

Phil Goodman is a Senior Director of Client Compensation Services who partners with domestic and multi-national companies taking on the challenges of a globally mobile workforce. After nearly ten years working in public accounting for KPMG LLP's Global Mobility Services tax practice, Phil understands the identification and mitigation of risk and compliance issues associated with businesses expanding their global presence. In 2012, Phil completed an international assignment in Singapore focused on policy structuring, vendor relations, assignment management and implementing cost-savings strategies. 

Phil holds a Bachelor's degree in Economics from Binghamton University. 


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