Published on January 06, 2020


Talent Development Insights from 2019

Rianne Rome, MBA, SHRM-SCP was on the move this year as Chief Talent Development Officer

Rianne is an impactful key note speaker and Chief Talent Development Officer for the CapRelo enterprise, who attended various state-to-state Global HR events during the 2019 calendar year. Her passion to develop corporate training and leadership initiatives resonates in her delivery of helpful presentations primarily focused towards talent development.  

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As companies compete to attain and retain the best talent, they must be agile enough to counter shifts and changes that impact the global workforce. Rianne’s sessions focus on the key components of career success, developing leadership brand and employee engagement.   

We are happy to share some highlights of Rianne’s busy 2019 with you:


Career Success

  • AIHA WIH Leadership Conference in Minneapolis [Below]
  • American Management Association (AMA) Women’s Leadership Center - DC and NYC location Key Notes
  • International Public Management Association for Human Resources (IMPA-HR)

Developing Leadership Brand

  • SHRM Dulles Chapter - Spring Conference & Fall Encore Session
  • International Public Management Association for Human Resources (IMPA-HR)
  • Business Benefits Group (BBG)

Employee Engagement

  • International Public Management Association for Human Resources (IMPA-HR) (2020)
  • Association of Legal Administrators (ALA) Capital (DC) Chapter HR Conference



Career Success

The journey to find and fulfill your purpose is a lifelong one with many steps along the way.  If you are looking to step into something new but not sure what those steps might be, then this would be a great first step.

Explore commons myths and misconceptions and practical insights and tips for progressing your career forward. 

Leadership Brand

Take a deeper look into how your organization’s clients and employees describe the key characteristics of your leaders and managers. Defining your leadership brand is the answer.   

It exists whether you define it or not.  Therefore, it is to your advantage to determine what this should be and how it will be implemented within your company.

Employee Engagement

Highly-engaged employees play a key role in organizational success.  Yet, engagement can be an elusive goal for many companies.  While there are “quick fix” remedies in the marketplace, the ones that work longer term may be different than you expect.

Exploring the following topics will allow you to visualize employee engagement from an entirely different perspective:

  • Understanding engaged v. disengaged employees
  • How engagement can impact your organization
  • What employees really want (Hint: It’s not just about pay and benefits.)
  • Unspoken beliefs & common mistakes
  • The impact of relationships
  • Tips for discussing engagement with applicants and current employees


Rianne Rome, MBA, SHRM-SCP is an executive with JK Moving/CapRelo, a globally recognized mobility and logistics services company.  She is a world traveler with 25+ years of experience in leadership, human resources and talent development in a variety of industries. 

As Chief Talent Development Officer, Rianne is currently focused on talent development strategy and is always motivated by the success of her company and its people.  Rianne’s corporate training initiatives focus on programs that support their Enterprise Core Values.  In addition to this, she is an advocate for creative uses of technology to foster career growth through their company’s Commit2Growth Employee Portal.

Rianne is always looking for ways to make a positive impact on the lives of others by equipping leaders at all career stages to find and fulfill their purpose.


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