Published on February 08, 2019

Looking Ahead in 2019

The political and economic changes of 2018 confirmed that global mobility needs to be a focal point in 2019. As the year unfolds, there are critical areas of change within global mobility that our team at CapRelo is facing head on.

Any major tax and political change can quickly prompt a sudden need to stabilize assignments.  Anticipating external changes, and identifying the potential risks and rewards, is the best way to maintain the strength of a global mobility policy. While CapRelo works with our clients to identify and address external influences, we also look to both our clients’ overall goals and those of their employees to ensure the success of assignments.

Another trend we are prepared to encounter in 2019 is the increase in junior professionals who are embracing global mobility. With the mobility population becoming younger, it is important to understand that this is a generation that is more inclined to travel, especially as many have few ties to keep them from doing so. As these young professionals become a larger influencer on global mobility policy, it is crucial to adapt to their desire to experience culture, seeking a more authentic experience rather than a gated expat community. Focusing on the emerging destinations of 2019, such as India, Brazil, and Thailand, will serve to prepare us for the global mobility trends to come.

Innovation continues to be one of the most important areas for global mobility professionals to conquer in 2019. With digital technology at the forefront of our service delivery model, a brand new website and our employee-focused mobility management software solution, CapRelo’s adaptive technology continues to meet this fundamental demand of 2019.

As we face these industry changes, the people who comprise our CapRelo teams across the world continue to keep us grounded and help us guarantee High Tech. High Touch. Higher Satisfaction.