Executive Relocation Package - What's Included?

Executive Relocation packages come in a variety of shapes and sizes to meet various corporate goals and budgets. In recent years, as a result of difficult economic times, many organizations were forced to scale back the size of their relocation programs.  However, as the economy rebounds, it’s important for companies to re-examine their program, especially when trying to recruit for

Moving Expenses Not Excludable from Income

Some moving expenses are not excludable from an employee's income per IRS regulations. Failing the distance or time test still renders all moving expenses either not excludable or non-deductible. However, thoroughly understanding the basics of both IRS moving tests and regulations helps individuals and companies comply with federal law and minimize negative tax consequences.

Moving Expenses Excludable from Income

Controlling moving expenses is a priority for both individuals and corporations. Executives and HR departments must thoroughly understand the definitions of qualified, excludable, deductible and non-excludable moving expenses. Two major categories dominate the excludable expense category: Household Goods (HHG) and Final Move expenses. Find out more about relocation and U.S. taxes in our free

Have you met Shirley Harkey?

Editor’s note: We believe the success of CapRelo can be credited to our incredible team. Over the next few months we will introduce some members of our team. Today, we would like to introduce Shirley Harkey. Shirley Harkey, Corporate Team Lead, works with CapRelo’s Corporate Relocation Counselors, managing the transferring employees’ relocation process. She helps resolve any issues that might

Single Policy Characteristics vs. Tiered Policy Characteristics

Employer relocation policies, whether single or tiered, must be thoughtfully planned by senior management, in cooperation with HR, finance and tax departments. Corporate policies will determine the success, acceptance and attractiveness of employee relocation strategies. The best way to ensure employer policies are successful is to make them IRS compliant, mirror the company's corporate culture,

Relocation Paperwork You Can Expect To See and What It Means

Relocation services are there to simplify the process of transferring employees from one location to another. Ultimately, it’s the goal of the relocation management company to pave the quickest, least disruptive path between Point A to Point B so that the transferee can experience as seamless a move as possible, with minimal stress and worry. Learn more about developing relocation policies in

Managing the Most Burdensome Relocation Costs

Often lost in the fallout from the recent recession is the increasing relocation expense issue facing corporations for transferring executives and new hires. While the stagnating job market makes local and national headlines, the increasing cost of relocation packages is just as troubling to corporations nationally and globally. Successfully relocating executives and professionals involves a

What To Expect When Relocating Employees with Families

Moving employees to the best positions in the company where they can offer the most productivity may sometimes require you to have that employee relocated to a different office. Based on the complexity of the move, a job relocation means more than just having the employee pack up his things on Friday and expect him to be in the office come Monday morning. Find out more about policy

Avoiding Employee Turnover After A Relocation

Employee turnover is a major cost for corporations. The average turnover rate in the United States is 24% per the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. While there are multiple reasons for employee turnover, one thing's for certain; turnover is more likely for relocated employees than ones fully embedded in the community. This fact makes retaining employees, during the relocation process, critical as

Have You Met Carol Blair?

Editor’s note: We believe the success of CapRelo can be credited to our incredible team. Over the next few months we will introduce some members of our team. Today, we would like to introduce Carol Blair. Carol Blair, Senior Relocation Consultant, is affectionately known as “The Gatekeeper” after 15 years at our Bentonville, Arkansas office. She is responsible for reviewing all authorizations,