How To Reduce Your Relocation Costs

In a tight money environment, cost cutting becomes a way of life in the corporate world. When relocation costs are reduced, the bottom line increases for company shareholders. Relocation expenses can drain other resource spending. Cutting back and controlling these expenses, without compromising the relocating employee’s experience, should be the goal of every human resource department.

Three Ways to Reduce Relocation Policy Exceptions

The fact that no two people in the world are alike should be plenty of indication that there’s no one-size-fits all relocation policy that will suit your company needs. After all, the demands of your workforce are as wide and varied as the people that comprise it. When it comes to corporate relocation, the larger workforces means policy exceptions become more frequent.  The problem is,

Taking the Stress Out of a Group Move

The challenge companies face is how to successfully move the business, while being able to maintain a continual level of business operations. If you are not able to maintain the same level of business that you are used to, you are going to lose revenue and potential customers. It's imperative to approach the group move the same way you would handle any other business decision, but with a

Updating Your Relocation Policy

Updating your corporate policies is often an overlooked necessity. Not only does it seem unimportant to the inundated, plenty of executives simply don't realize how critical having up to date policies is for the success of the organization. This is particularly true when it comes to relocation policies. Best practices and tactics are always improving, therefore making certain your relocation

What Should You Look for in International Relocation Services?

You've run the numbers and it makes perfect sense to move your corporate operations to a new location overseas. But now you're faced with a unique challenge: moving and managing expatriate employees. Three Types of Employees U.S. employees working abroad fall into three categories: U.S. citizens - The easiest category of employee to relocate; all they need for return to U.S. is a valid passport.

Are You Truly Committed to a Low-Stress Relocation Process?

Are you familiar with the old tale about the chicken and the pig who wanted to make breakfast for the farmer? In short, the chicken made a contribution by giving up some eggs. But the pig...well, he'd have to make a real “commitment” in order to help out with the gift of ham. In the business world, though, commitment is a good thing -- and rarely fatal! We all want “pigs” in our company --

Do Your Employee Loss-on-Sale Relocation Policies Need a Second Look?

The fear of losing money on a home sale is one of the key factors that keeps employees from wanting to relocate. It's a valid fear in today's market, especially if employees homes are already “under water” (that is, they owe more on the mortgage than the home is worth) due to increased interest rates, second mortgages or home equity lines of credit. One way corporations are making the decision to

How Green Is Your Corporate Relocation Service?

Every company today has a responsibility -- and multiple opportunities -- to put green practices in place. Corporate relocation service companies are part of an industry leading the charge when it comes to green initiatives. When you select a corporate relocation service where environmentally-friendly practices are part of the corporate value system, the benefits will be felt throughout the

CapRelo Scavenger Hunt for Worldwide ERC National Relocation Conference

We are very excited for the Worldwide ERC National Relocation Conference in San Antonio to begin. Because everything’s bigger in Texas, we invite you to participate in our big Texas-themed online scavenger hunt starting April 9th. Why participate in the scavenger hunt? You’ll have a chance to win a weekly prize. You’ll have a chance to win the grand prize, a new iPad. Exclusive relocation guide

Relocating Your Company? Consider Grants and Tax Incentives When You Choose Your Location

Thinking of relocating your company with the help of a company relocation service? In addition to providing support before, during and after the move, helping you select service providers and sub-contractors, and setting best practices and benchmarks for employee relocation packages, a company relocation service can also help you determine if a move is the best idea right now.One factor to