Relocating Your Company? Consider Grants and Tax Incentives When You Choose Your Location

Thinking of relocating your company with the help of a company relocation service? In addition to providing support before, during and after the move, helping you select service providers and sub-contractors, and setting best practices and benchmarks for employee relocation packages, a company relocation service can also help you determine if a move is the best idea right now.One factor to

3 Factors to Help You Plan a Strategic Relocation

If you work with a relocation management company prior to, during and after your company's strategic relocation, the relocation management company helps you determine the most cost-effective way to organize your move. The relocation management company also helps you consider all the factors to help you decide if a strategic relocation really is the strategic (and most profitable) choice. Here

Expert Tips for Structuring Relocation Packages

Are you opening new offices? Is your HR staff debating the pros and cons of recruiting new talent in the region of your new facility vs. relocating trained, experienced staff from your current location? The question of whether it's cheaper to recruit new talent or relocate existing staff is one you should keep in mind when setting your employee relocation policy and when structuring relocation

Help Employees Adapt to New Culture During International Relocation

International relocation presents unique challenges that employees and your HR staff do not face during a domestic relocation. When you help your employees assimilate the foreign culture in the weeks prior to, and during, an international relocation, you'll ensure greater productivity in the long run, a faster return to full productivity in the office, and increased employee retention. How can

Do-It-Yourself Relocation Management Can Cost Your Company More

Does your HR staff handle relocation management on its own? Have you ever considered hiring an outside firm to: Line up the best vendors for providing employee relocation services Act as a liaison between your company and those vendors, in the event of any customer service or communication issues Organize the finer details of relocation management Set benchmark relocation policies and standards

Three Myths about the Relocation Process

Even if they've been through the relocation process with employees many times, your HR staff and management team may have misconceptions about the relocation process. Here are three common myths -- and the real truth about the relocation process. Myth #1: Every employee relocation is different, so there's no way to set standards or benchmarks for

3 Ways to Calculate Tax Gross Up

Tax gross up can add considerable costs to corporate relocation packages. Tax gross up can increase taxable relocation costs by 45% to 55%or more. What is tax gross up, in a nutshell, and why does it cost your company money? Tax gross up occurs when you add to the taxable reimbursement amount so that relocating employees don't face a tax liability after receiving one-time relocation

What if a Pay Cut is in Order During A Relocation?

In rare cases, when an employee relocates, market conditions and cost-of-living in the new location warrant a pay cut. This may be necessary to keep the transferred employees' salary in line with existing employees at the location, to avoid legal and ethical issues, and to maintain company morale. If the amount of pay cut would be very small, it's better to keep employees at the current rate of

What Can Happen If You Miscalculate Tax Gross Up?

Your accounting departments are well-versed in day-to-day financial management. They know how to file your quarterly taxes accurately, keep careful records, and do their jobs well. But tax gross up during corporate relocation may be another story. Handling relocation tax is not something many accounting professionals do every day, and navigating the confusing maze of relocation tax laws and

Effective Business Performance Measurements for Your Corporate Relocation

If you're in the process of selecting a corporate relocation firm to manage your company's corporate relocation policy, you may have a lot of doubts: How will I know the corporate relocation management company is acting in my best interests? What can I expect from a corporate relocation firm? How will I know if the company is fulfilling its agreements? How can I get the best value for my money