Reduce Company Relocation Costs

In today's tight economy, companies are looking to reduce company relocation costs in any way possible. In some cases, this means simply scaling back your executive relocation opportunities or eliminating programs entirely. In October 2010, a poll by the Society for Human Resource Management showed that 17 percent of companies eliminated company relocation programs, while 25 percent froze the

What are Your Biggest Employee Relocation Costs?

Have you ever considered the items that are your biggest employee relocation costs? An employee relocation expense can be broken into one of several categories: Household goods and people and pet moving Temporary housing Scouting/recruiting tours Expenses related to spouses, children or elderly parents Real estate expenses (buying and selling a home) Miscellaneous expenses (utility turn-on,

Look Beyond Borders for Top Talent

It's not breaking news that the world has shifted focus to a global economy. We shop online and can order products from across the world and have it arrive on our doorstep in three days or so. We can join mastermind groups and brainstorming sessions with like-minded individuals on the opposite side of the planet. If you're still looking in your hometown for top talent -- or you're facing

Destination Services for International Relocation

We know there’s a logistical side of relocation, but we’re also aware of the more intrinsic aspects of a big move – the potential stress, reorientation and adjustment that an employee and their family will be facing. This can be a very complex part of relocation, especially for an employee transfer to another country. International relocation can heighten all of those less tangible, often

Relocation Package “Oversight”

If you’ve chosen the best relocation package for your company, in addition to covering all the different facets of relocation, you’re also gaining the services of a skilled “oversight committee.” You might think of the key overseer as a project manager – and relocation of your employees is their top project. Orchestrating the Relocation Package One of the many reasons it makes sense to hire a

Make it Smooth Sailing with Relocation Services

Your company is opening a new sales division in Portugal. Several members of the sales team are being relocated to the new office. As an HR director, this falls on to your “to-do” list. Actually, it becomes THE to-do list. Feeling overwhelmed yet? Probably, and it’s just getting started! This is where savvy company owners and HR departments learn the value of contacting a full-service relocation

5 Tips for Telling Your Family about a Relocation

The corporate relocation company is a blessing to businesses and employees alike. They provide a necessary service for the continuity of business and the reduction of stress in work-related moves, but that’s not the only place corporate relocation companies provide value. They also bring invaluable peace of mind that, despite everyone’s best efforts, would otherwise degenerate into panic and

How to Beat the Stress of Relocation in the Current Housing Market

These days, there’s enough worry about the real estate market without having to overburden your employees with the stress of relocation. For many of your employees, the notion of uprooting their lives to follow a greater job opportunity halfway across the country is simply not an option – or least not one they’ll enter into eagerly, considering all of the work they’ll need to put in to find a

Tiers for Real Estate Sales in Your Employee Relocation Policy

Does your employee relocation policy involve a tiered program for employees at different salary or job levels? Many aspects of relocation are basically fixed costs. For instance, the moving of household goods, home purchase closing costs, and scouting trips to buy a house are expenses that are frequently reimbursed in full and you wouldn't offer higher level employees more money than they need.

Flexibility in Relocation Equals Greater Corporate Productivity

The structure of contemporary corporations is undergoing a significant transformation that is serving to set them far apart from the structure they once held. No longer is it standard for companies to employ workers within certain designated regions – in today’s world, it’s commonplace to relocate workers to different areas of operation as a means of better serving the corporation’s needs. And