Relocation Management Companies – Telling the Good from the Mediocre

Relocation management companies are known for making the business of transferring company employees to new locations easy. That’s what they do, and they do it well – some better than others. They accomplish this by deploying their considerable resources to tackle the logistical nightmare that picking up residence and putting it down elsewhere entails, giving corporate employees in the process of

Communication: How to Minimize a Hidden Company Relocation Expense

A large scale relocation can be a stressful time for your HR staff and relocating employees. Managing company relocation expenses during a group move, including hidden company relocation costs, while halting the employee rumor mill before it starts is crucial. One company relocation expense you may not consider is the cost of plummeting company morale before, during and after a group move. Learn

Your Relocation Policy Should Address What Your Talent Wants Most

It's hard to achieve 100% in anything. For baseball players, getting on base 33% of the time makes them excellent in their field. But relocation isn't baseball. If you want to manage hidden corporate relocation costs and achieve a successful group move, retaining 33% of your employees just isn't enough. How can you improve your retention average with a better corporate relocation policy?

Exploring the Miscellaneous Expense Allowance in Business Relocation

The Miscellaneous Expense Allowance (MEA) is put in place as an acknowledgement that no amount of planning, exceptional vision, or keen business foresight on the part of any business relocation management company can ever accurately predict how much money an employee in the midst of relocation may have to spend for unanticipated incidentals. With that in mind, the Miscellaneous Expense Allowance

Keeping Valued Employees through Relocation Management

Employee relocation is a tough job. Forget the logistics – one of the most difficult things for an employer to do is to convince their employee that taking a job transfer to another city, state or country will be a positive experience. Usually, all that you as an employer have to offer in that regard is perhaps the promise of higher pay or greater job security. But if you don’t offer anything

Buyer Value Options can Simplify Business Relocation Expense

Incentives for fast sales of employees' homes represent a significant portion of today's business relocation costs. Some solutions involve loss-on-sale programs, sales incentives and bonuses if certain criteria are met, and Buyer Value Option programs. A Buyer Value Option (BVO) program can simplify business relocation expense reporting by taking tax gross-up out of the equation.  Find out more

How Temporary Housing Can Ease the Worries of Reluctant Employees

It’s easy to come to the conclusion that these days, there are far less people willing to relocate for business than ever before. But the fact is, relocation is something that’s always been a bit tough to sell on employees. People like to be “at home.” And if they’ve got school-aged kids, staying put is even more important to them. But what about the fence-sitters? Is there any way that an

Business Relocation Policy: Understanding “Tiers” and “Status”

If you are restructuring your business relocation policy or introducing a corporate relocation policy for the first time, one of the questions you may consider is how to differentiate employees in a tiered policy. First, it's important to understand the difference between “tiers” and an employee's status. An employee's status refers not to their status within the company, but their moving

Tiered Business Relocation Policy: Will it Save You Money?

Are you thinking of establishing a tiered business relocation policy in order to better meet the needs of your relocating employees? Many companies who have switched to a tiered lump-sum program have reduced administrative costs, managed their business relocation budget better, and even improved their recruiting and retention efforts when it comes to top talent. But even a tiered business

Executive Relocation Companies can Help Your Company Grow

In a period of rapid growth, which many health care, bio-tech, pharmaceutical, IT and alternative energy companies (to name just a few) are facing today, the ability to draw from a global talent pool can help them scale their growth to meet market demand. A lack of talented employees, specifically in the R&D and high-level executive areas, can mean lost opportunities. We've identified several